Friday, March 14, 2008

Redrose Children are Back at School

Dear Friends & Sponsors,
The year started with alot of problems but we now thank God things have come back to normal. The turn-out in January was very low we are now happy to report that most of the students have reported back to school. The attendance as of today is 88 children in total. Below is a report from the class teachers at Redrose. On behalf of all the children and staff at Redrose Children Centre I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your prayers and all the help you have been giving to the school. God bless you all.

Dear Friends & Sponsors,

How are you? We are fine here. We opened the Red Rose School on 14th January, but the student turn out was very low due to the violent clashes we had after the elections.

By the month of February children started reporting and now we have 12 boys and 6 girls in baby class. Now learning is proceeding on well as far as we are doing rote counting for stage. Though we have few children who were in baby class last year they can do colouring and painting very well, and they have recognized numbers 1-5 letters A to F.

Thanks very much for your assistance and God bless you all.
Tr. Salome Banet
Baby Class

Dear Friends of Red Rose --
We greet you in the name of the Almighty; it is our hope that you are going on well as we are at Red Rose. Actually we thank God for the peace in our country. The attendance of the children in school has increased compared to the month of January. The nursery class has grown from 6 to 13 children now. That is 6 girls and 7 boys.

We are trying to work hard to make up the learning time wasted during the violent clashes which affected most of the children. Our nursery students are able to break three letter words and read then draw a picture. They are also able to write numbers 1-15 off head. They can colour family members .

Thank you for your support so far it is enabling the smooth learning in our school. May God bless you all.
Nursery class
Teacher Peninah Musau

Dear Friends -

The pre-unit class has 16 children, 7 boys and 9 girls. At the beginning of this year the attendance was very poor, due to the political crisis in Kenya. We thank God there is now peace in our country. The children who were stuck upcountry are now back. The children are ready learn they come to school everyday.

Their performance so far is good even though there was not much learning in the first month. As a teacher I am doing my best with the schedule to cover all the topics I was supposed to teach in January. May God bless you.

Emily Mudavadi

Dear Friends of Red Rose -

Class one has 16 children, 10 boys and 6 girls. Nine new students joined us this year and it took us almost a month to settle. The class has covered most introduction topics in all the subjects. The learning speed now is good.

God bless you all thank you.
Sofia Mukatia
Class one teacher.

Dear Friends of Red Rose and Sponsors -
I thank the Almighty God for how far He has brought us. Indeed it has been a tough going we began the term on toes, helter skelter. We were up and down and learning was all messed up. Despite the fact that we opened schools a week late, serious learning could not commence immediately since we had to wait for those pupils who were still held up in various rural parts of the country. The children have all turned up now and we are back on track.

Since we settled down a few weeks ago it has been marathon learning and no single minute passes wasted. My class has 10 pupils, 7 boys and 3 girls. I have been able to cover not more than five topics in every subject so far but I am confident that the little I have taught has been grasped. My intention is to cover the remaining topics in the first term syllabus during the April holiday.

I will never cease to thank all of you for the favour and help you have done and are doing to this school at large and me in particular. Thank you for sponsoring the children and paying our salaries on time.

God bless you all.
Teacher Rose Mureka
Class two teacher

Dear Friends -
Hope you are fine, we at Redrose are very fine. In class three the turn up of this year has been better than that of last year. We have 9 pupils in class three that is 4 boys and 5 girls.
This class was the most affected with the post election skirmishes. Most of them were forced to migrate to different areas where they could be safe.

Actually there has been a lot of time wasted in the month of January due to the post election violence. At the moment we have now settled to serious learning so that we compensate for the wasted time. We are expecting our end term exams in a few days time from today.

Thank you for your continuous support. May God bless you. We promise to work hard to maintain the shining name of Red Rose Children Centre.
Teacher Christine
Class three

Dear Friends -

On behalf of teacher Charles who is sick and admitted in Hospital. Learning is continuing in class four. All the teachers are committed to see that the children in class four are not affected by their teachers absenture.

Class four has 6 pupils 3 girls and 3 boys. Mr Charles has been able to cover at least more than half of the first term syllabus and going through their books you would tell that they understood what was covered.

Their class has enough textbooks for learning to take place with little assistance since class fours are dedicated pupils and we hope to have a brighter class eight come that time. Most of them have big dreams of becoming Engineers, Doctors and Pilots .

Thank you for supporting them.
Teacher Rose Mureka on Behalf of Mr Charles Class four teacher.