Friday, October 28, 2011


Alison Smith, a close friend to Pete and Carrie Atkin who were volunteers at Red Rose in June of this year came to work as volunteers for three months. It is her first time in Kibera. When she arrived she met all the Red Rose kids and will be with them for the next two days. She will work at the Children of Kibera Offices thereafter, for the rest of the week. The kids appreciate and love spending time with her.

Friday, October 14, 2011


On the 23rd of September, Red Rose was visited by a group of students from St Lawrence University, Jenna Gunnel and Kaley Kokomoor, who got to spend some quality time with the kids from classes 1 to 3. They got to participate in physical exercises and socialize with the students, after a long fruitful afternoon with the children they left at 2:00 pm and are greatly missed here at Red Rose.
Every child usually looks forward for the annul Nairobi International Trade Fair. 30th October was their chance to get to enjoy themselves, Red Rose kids got to enjoy themselves ,from face painting to the banana rides, from dancing with the clowns to eating ice cream the constant buzzing in their various classes could not go unnoticed as each kid tried to outdo the other with more juicy a story.
Today Teacher Sophie is introducing debate club to the students in lower primary and we here at Red Rose look forward to seeing our students grow and develop their communication skills also, build on their team work.
The 12th of October Red Rose got another special visitor from Canada, Todd a former teacher who got to visit the vicinity as well as meet the students at Red Rose and looks forward to working with us in the future to create programs to promote child education development.