Monday, November 26, 2012

Mike and Reva Visit Red Rose School

Mike and Reva arrived at the Red Rose School early Monday morning. This was not only their first time in Kenya, but their first time in Africa. The children were very excited and warmly received them at the school assembly grounds with great songs and dance that they had prepared for the visitors.

After an inspiring talk from Mike about his career-of being an orthodontist, our visitors got a chance to talk and connect with the children from the various grades and exchanged experiences of the two worlds. They also had the chance to meet some of the Children of Kibera Foundation high school scholars who had already closed school for the holidays.

Our visitors carried with them special gifts for the Red Rose Children. With a whole suitcase full of dental hygiene supplies, colored pencils and note books, each child went home with a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss.
In the company of the high school scholars, they had the chance to take a walk through a section of Kibera to experience firsthand the kind of environment that the children at Red Rose School come from and grow in.

It was a pleasant day at the Red Rose School and the children were happy to make new friends from New York. We at the Red Rose School sincerely thank Mike and Reva for visiting and spending time in Kibera with our children. You are always welcome.


A whole suitcase of goodies
Each child took home a gift
Hello Red Rose, meet Mike and Reva

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank You!

Red Rose pupils donned in games kits donated by the
Potomac School
Red Rose School is making a grand entry into the intellectual charts among Kibera academic institutions. The school has grown to become a force to reckon with in the academic fronts. This has been made possible because of the relentless support we got from our friends both in Kenya and abroad. The year 2012 in particular has seen the school greatly improve and achieve much of its objectives.
Our sincere gratitude is extended to all individuals, groups and organizations who influenced our projects and programs and made a difference in the Red Rose community. The gifts and the donations did much in realizing the objectives that were outlined for this year.

The knowledge we shared from the Skype calls, the feelings we shared from the penpals letters, the small gifts we exchanged and the huge donations you extended to us did much in confirming how successful this year was.
As a friend, supporter and a lover of the school, wherever you are, whatever you do, you shall always remain in our hearts. You have helped in shaping our dreams and nurtured and helped shape the future of our society, our children- the most valuable resources that nature has provided to us.
Graduating Pre-Unit pupils posing with their solar lanterns donated by CoKF
The inerasable mark you leave in these innocent souls, the joy imprinted in their lives and the hope that remains in their minds will never be forgotten or taken for granted.
We are happy for you giving us the courage to dream and the passion to make it happen and as we strengthen our bonds, we hope to have another successful year come 2013.
Lastly, we wish all our supporters and friends in the United States of America, USA a happy Thanksgiving Season. 

We appreciate the ideas we shared

“Whether it is a thing, or a thought, a gesture or a kind word, the most powerful gifts are those that come straight from the heart.”
-Ralph Marston

Friday, November 9, 2012

End Year Exams at Red Rose School.

As the 2012 academic year comes to an end in two weeks time, the Red Rose students are now preparing for their end year examinations. This is a City Council administered exam done by all schools in Nairobi City. Among the subjects tested are: Mathematics, Kiswahili (language), English, Science and Social Studies. All these graded out of 500 marks. The exam is very significant as the results facilitate promotion to the next class come 2013.
The enthusiasm seen in the students show how ready and eager they are to continue on to the next part of their educational life. In particular, Class 7 students can't wait to join the final grade in primary education where they will sit K.C.P.E (national examinations) at the end of the year and subsequently be promoted to high school. This is very exciting.
December holidays after the exams is beckoning, everyone is thrilled and all have different activities planned with family and friends once they break for the holidays. 
 “ I am confident that I will pass my examinations and 
plan on working even harder when I join class 8 to attain 350 marks and above."
 -Specioza Agolla  7th grade student at Red Rose School. 
Success is the sum of small effort repeated over a period of time. The students are already a success for they have been working really hard.

Class 6 girls sharing knowledge 

Calvin and Elizabeth revising 

Abdul preparing for his Insha paper 

Good Luck to all Red Rose students!

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Making of Cross Oceans Relations

Months might have passed and the distance between them standing at thousands of miles, but the seed of friendship planted between Red Rose School and Summer Volunteers 2012 is blossoming into a beautiful flower.
In September and October, our executive director traveled to Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Louisiana on behalf of the foundation. He spread the message of Children of Kibera to many friends, new and old, and brought back home good news of their ongoing support for the children in Kenya.
Smiles coming from deep down were evident as the students received gifts from America. An acute sense of belonging and appreciation filled the classes, to reciprocate, they never hesitated to write letters and send drawings to their counterparts. "Thanks for the book, letter and t-shirt, I loved them very much, I really like the shirt" said Quinter in her reply letter.
These friendships across cultures and nations give our children a new perspective to the world and nurture them as global citizens. Let the relationship be a long lasting one, even beyond schooling years.

Thumbs up for the jumper!

Farewell friend!

From Potomac with love

Am at a loss for words!

Thank you so much!

This is cool!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bring It On...

....And every minute counts
As I enter the eighth grade classroom, I am greeted by a dead silence. My presence in the class has not been recognized by almost half the class. These young boys and girls are digging deep into their books for all the information they consider might help them pass the forthcoming national exam, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). 

At the corner of the black chalkboard in front of the classroom, a big notice screams ‘39 DAYS TO GO’. I observe the serious faces in front of me once more and I understand the reason behind these looks. Over the past few weeks preparations have been intensified. The take-test anxiety reigns supreme and the candidates are very confident-they are up to the task and ready for the coming challenge. 
“It has been eight long years and it is time to shine. With this kind of preparation, success is surely in the offing,” says Quinter, one of the candidates.
Going by the words of Robert Collier -success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out, I am really convinced that these young boys and girls are headed the right direction. It is our sincere prayer that their efforts do not go in vain.

The maiden lot...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Power of Performance.

The mood in the LitWorld Girls and Boys Clubhouse is tense, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats, the conflict in the play is getting tenser with each act, and the afternoon heat is not helping either. Slim strands of sweat can be seen flowing down the foreheads of both the actors and the audience. The Wizard And The Queen is the play on stage.
At the Children of Kibera Foundation, We believe that the basic national academic curriculum is not enough to make a child a whole person. We believe in all- roundedness of an individual .Theater arts being the most social of all art forms; if employed carefully, can help a child express his or her creativity and cultivate self-confidence and good communication skills.
At the LitWorld girls and boys Clubhouse, a theater project has been initiated. This noble idea is specifically created to provide a space for kids to exhibit their creativity, especially for those who are interested in performing arts. The facility will act as an enabling space that offers students great experience in this field.

Angel as 'the perfect princess'

Princess ordering the arrest of an evil wizard

Evil wizard is arrested 

Future actors