Monday, January 28, 2013

After the KCPE Results, what’s Next?

Results are in.
The 28Th day of January will go down as a historic day at Red Rose School. Results of the pioneer class were released by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). As a fraternity we are happy with the results. The school managed to post a mean score of 277.56 (C+).  We can confidently say that we are on the right path and the subsequent results will only go higher.
The next big step is seeing our 16 pioneer students join high school and continue with their educational journey. However, as we envisage a 100% graduation rate for these children, we are uncertain of achieving this goal as we have fully covered the academic cost for most of them right from grade1 level; due to funding constraints we can only give them initial support to join high school.

Take Action

Your generous action can help keep one of these students in school and in the end help us achieve our 100% retention and graduation rates. You can do this by making a generous gift here.
USD 100- Will by full school uniform
USD 250-Will pay a whole year’s school fees at public a day school
USD 750- Will pay tuition, room and board for a high school student for a full school year at a county school.

By fully sponsoring a student:
·        You will receive 3  academic report updates in a year,
·        You will receive 3 letters from the students in a year
·        In your honor, your name will appear in the students profile
Keep a child in school by making a generous gift here.

Diana passing a vote of thanks at the prayers day-2012

Brian preparing for KCPE rehearsals

The class of 2012 with CoKF Executive Director Ken Okoth

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Little new faces at the RedRose School

 The school year has started off pretty smoothly at the RedRose School. All the students have gone one grade up and there is so much excitement in the air! The students recognize being in a new class as a personal achievement, they are now walking a little taller, they are getting more responsibilities and even feel a higher sense of self-importance. For them, it is growth and it makes school totally fulfilling.

There is also a little bunch of achievers that we have to recognize and appreciate as well; Dealan, Johnny, Immaculate, Martin, Sumaia and Bramwell who’ve made up the new baby class! When I walked into their class I couldn’t help but smile at the lovely sight. The little ones were so busy with pencils, crayons and construction paper getting down to business, their class teacher (Teacher Salome) was walking around as she continued giving them instructions of the lesson activity, I was amazed by just how keen and attentive they were at such a tender age! After the lesson activity came recess and they all went out, running around chasing each other and laughing so hard, obviously having such a great time.

Within no time, these little ones will not be so little anymore and will be in the eighth grade even before we know it!
We are so happy to have them join RedRose and look forward to see them all grown up!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Red Rose School Reopens for 2013 Academic Year.

Excitement filled the air as pupils at Red Rose School hugged each other and shared their adventurous fun filled holiday experiences. You could hear some discussing how they travelled upcountry to visit their relatives and others how they enjoyed the sumptuous meals prepared over the festive season. It seemed to be the best holiday ever for most of them.
The pupils are all fresh, re-energized and ready to work hard in this new academic year. As all of them are moving to a grade higher than last year, we believe that they will tackle and surmount the new challenges presented to them as they come.

“This term I promise to improve my grades especially
 in mathematics which has been a bit challenging” one of the pupil promised.

“The entire Red Rose staff is prepared to make the 
2013 academic year a successful one”- Teacher Sophia.

Welcome to 2013 academic year

We are happy to be back!

Let learning begin.