Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Football Madness

The Red Rose Football Club is coming together very fast. The boys practice now twice weekly with Coach Aswani. As they're preparing to play other teams, you can really see which students are emerging soccer stars. The girls, despite being without uniforms, are also preparing and practicing as a team. Their new coach, Kristina, has already noted who is showing great potential. We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of donated uniforms/shoes to arrive in December, thanks to Washington DC/MD/VA Stoddert Soccer families.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Performers at Music Festival

The dancers from Red Rose were the only primary school guest performers at this years music festival to End Violence Against Children. The girls were one of the first groups on the stage, performing a dance to the song "Waka Waka" by Shakira, which was made popular during the World Cup in South Africa. The girls had been working tirelessly on the dance over the past month with CoKF intern Brendan Thompson.

Later in the day some of the girls performed the Red Rose traditional dance for the gathered crowd.

The Red Rose students who were in attendance were also very helpful as they worked with the staff and volunteers on various jobs during the festival, and were very hospitable hosts for various guests who arrived.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Rose Officially Opens New Classrooms

On Friday afternoon, under blue skies, and with various dignitaries in attendance, including CoKF Founder Ken Okoth, The Red Rose School and Children of Kibera Foundation officially opened the new classrooms for classes 4,5, and 6.
The classrooms were built through the efforts of various members of the community, as well as volunteers from the USA. The festivities marked the continued expansion of The Red Rose School, as there is now space for
future classes 7 and 8, so students will be able to complete their primary education at Red Rose.

The new space also provides the Children of Kibera Foundation with much needed office space, as the organization continues to grow and expand. There is also a new library, which will be shared between Red Rose and the Children of Kibera Scholars, along with many volumes the library also has laptops for student use.

The ceremonies included dances, songs, and poems performed by each class, as well as speeches from various members of the community about the importance of education and continuing to support these students. The students and teachers of Red Rose, along with the staff at the Children of Kibera Foundation would like to thank all of those who made the new addition possible, it is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uniform donations

Yesterday morning, the fifty sponsored Red Rose students received a brand new set of uniforms, thanks to a generous donation. The students were ecstatic to be given the new clothes.

Many students were previously sporting sweaters with holes in the elbows or simply a sweatshirt. The clean and bright new uniforms made everyone look 'smart'- a British-adopted term used to describe well dressed people.

The students say "Thank you!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Red Rose opens for Term III 2010

The Red Rose students returned to classes for the first day of the third term today. They were greeted by beautiful blues skies, and new classrooms behind the new Children of Kibera Foundation offices. The students started the morning with an assembly at Red Rose where they ran into friends, classmates, and teachers

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Pet By Calvin Mutira

We are in the second term of the year. We are progressing well with our academics in Red-rose; since we opened the pupils have been learning well the syllabus. It has come a time to determine what they have covered if they understood, we conducted mid-term exams this week in the month of June from date 15th to 17th June 2010.

Here is one of the composition/ essay written by a 4th grade pupil called Calvin about My Pet. It was among the exams they did for mid-term. Have a pleasure to read it.

MY PET By: Calvin Mutira

My pets are two puppies. They are both brother and sister, the male is brown and the female is black they are both four and a half year old. They like eating junk food. They were born on 8/5/10 they like barking very much especially when they see strangers they always dig the ground and make potholes, they share one kennel.

They are not afraid of water like other dogs, they are trained, and they understand Kiswahili they come very faster.

The male one is called Deco and the female one is called Dico. When they smell food they run very fast in the house and start disturbing when it is time to wash them stay calm. They like drinking milk, when they see us they quickly run and jump on us they also stay calm when being treated, they don’t disturb the veterinary they are always treated on every second May every year. They sometimes kill our neighbor’s cats. Every day at seven o’clock they go back to the kennel and start sleeping. They like breaking their plates and tear paper. They haven’t start shedding teeth.

Posted by Tr. Christine

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Week at Red Rose

St Lawrence university students lead by Prof Nyamweru visited Red Rose over the week.

Red Rose Middle School students got a lesson on making calenders from interns Jackie and Jos. They were able to make June calenders for themselves.

Our students also got to do their mid term exams too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week two term II 2010

This is the second week of 2nd term. lt has been rainy and outdoor activities have been limited. We’ve had rather warm and indoor learning, despite long distance most pupils braved the rain to be at the school on time.

I was able cover the topic, ‘properties of matter’ in standard four {fourth grade} science. The pupil’s response was positive as we did experiments on sinking and floating and pressure in liquids.

In standard six {sixth grade} English, we’ve have been reading the books “Matilda” dwelling on spelling and vocabulary at the same time. We can’t avoid to lose a minute because this is a class we are preparing for our first Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education exam in 2012 as a school.

Mining is a topic we’ve been covering in standard five {fifth grade} social studies. We dwelt only on a few minerals mined in Kenya e.g. diatomite, fluorspar, soda ash and limestone and their importance to our economy.

We are looking forward to a very busy term ahead.

By Rose Nancy Mureka.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red Rose opens for Term II 2010

It is the first week of 2nd term in this year’s calendar. Most of the pupils have reported back to school from Easter holidays. As a Red-rose community, we are happy because all our pupils have reported to school in good health. Learning has begun as usual in all the classes and the teachers very busy preparing the learning from day to day activities.

Though the term has begun smoothly, the July winter has begun in a high note. The weather is quiet cold in such a way that all the pupils must be wearing sweaters so hat they do not shiver from the cold. During the early morning, there is always some drizzling which makes the compound muddy.

Red-rose has also formed some clubs whereby the children are taught on various life skills. One of the club is Health Club led by Teacher Christine whereby the children are taught in various matters concerning hygiene and how the to take care of themselves. Another club is Lit World Girls Club led by Teacher Rose.

We are also glad because we received a new teacher by the name Teacher Linah who will be assisting Teacher Musau in handling the children in Nursery class. Our standard four is also underway and it’s about to be completed. The construction of the new school toilets is over and we really appreciate the Children of Kibera Organization sponsors at large because this has minimized movement among our pupils and it has minimized time wastage in between the lessons.
Photos to come.

By Tr. Charles Omondi.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

CoKF Chairman visit Red Rose

We had the privilege of hosting Children of Kibera Foundation's Chairman Mr. Curtis Rooney. He was in hand to commission our new classroom and the newly built washrooms. The day was filled with poems, songs and dance from the happy students. We are very grateful for the help that Children of Kibera Foundation has accorded to us.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Exams and New washrooms at Red Rose Middle School

We would like to thank all of you for your support through out this term. We have come to the end of 1st term and as usual, we test our children if they can remember what they have learnt this term.
Red Rose kids are very bright and perform very well in any test given to them. One of the children whose education ids being supported by CoKF, proudly told his friend's "I will move to the next class each year until I finish my learning period". He said this because he is not worried of the school payments, since he was sure a good friend somewhere around the world would cater for the school fees.
Thank you so much for your support our new Middle school has new washrooms coming up and this will help to stop the movement from the new school to the old school to use the washrooms.

Posting by Tr. Sofia.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Rose School Progressing Steadily

Students returned from a two day midterm break on March 3rd. Grades four, five and six were ushered back with continuous assessment tests to gear them towards the tough end of semester exams. Mr. Ken Okoth visited Red Rose on March 4th. He later toured the new Children of Kibera Foundation office and new Red Rose Middle School facilities, only a short walk away from the main school.

Above: Ken Okoth popping into Class six's new room and a surprised Laureen, happy to see him.

Grade six have been seen throughout the week practicing the art of book writing taught by Pam and the LitWorld trainers about a week ago. "It's exciting, I am proud of my work," said Stephen Keva while handing over his piece to Teacher Ben for perusal.

-Teacher George

Sunday, February 28, 2010

St. Lawrence Students Come for a Visit

All what was taught during the LitWeek is never a forgotten story. The pupils have continued reading and writing for practice and perfection.

Furthermore, students from St. Lawrence University joint the pupils this week and did more work with the pupils. The group of students are on the Kenya Semester Program (KSP). They study many different subjects, for example History, Biology, English, Psychology, Gender Studies, Politics, Economics, Art, and Environmental Conservation among other things.

St. Lawrence students were split up into different Red Rose classes to mingle with pupils and learn more from each other. For instance, in Class 3, we had PJ Miller who studies American History as a second year student. He did a great job of teaching the pupils.

The pupils have benefitted very much from the St. Lawrence students' visit. They found their teachings very interesting and it expanded their knowledge and skills in their day at school. The college students taught them about Geography, Food Production, Housing, Religion, and Culture in Kenya and America. The Red Rose School gives the St. Lawrence group a lot of credit for their great job with the students. In exchange, the group also appreciated the warm welcome of the Red Rose Children's Centre.

"Teacher PJ" took right off where Class 6's teacher left off and read the students a chapter from Charlotte's Web. Below: Students enjoy their visit to Red Rose.
by Teacher Joyce