Friday, May 17, 2013

Red Rose on TV !

The Red Rose students are back to school. After a relaxing holiday,they are rejuvenated and ready for the new academic term. This term promises a flurry of activities for the students since it is known to be the busiest term of the school year.
Red Rose students being prepared for the shoot
To start the term off, the Red Rose school received an invitation to participate in an exclusive children's show that airs on Citizen TV every Saturday morning-The Know ZoneThe Know zone show is all about having fun learning.The children have fun with numbers, words and various games. Participants from Red Rose were very excited to be on the Know Zone set. The colors , the wardrobe,the people, the props, the equipment- it was all mind blowing and they couldn't possibly take it all in at once.

They shared great rounds of laughter as they played the different games and cheered each other the whole time during the different stages of the competition. Our students came out as the winners in most of the competitions and won amazing prizes including amazing school books and story books. It was a wonderful experience meeting new people and being a part of one of Kenya's greatest children TV shows, an experience they shall definitely hold close.

Red Rose students on Know Zone set
As their day at the shoot came to an end, the students were ecstatic and showered many "thank you(s)" to the hosts, they sang their hearts out to the lovely Know Zone song and counted it as a day well spent.

                            Every one come and see the greatest  thing on your TV
                            Learning new and exciting stuff,making homework not so tough
                           Move your feet and shake your bones,have some fun in the Know Zone.
                             Know Zone,Know Zone have some fun in the Know zone!***