Monday, September 29, 2008


As children grow they use manipulative activities as a medium of expressing their reaction to their reaction to their physical and environment .Manipulative activities involves the use of fingers and hands.Creative expressions is one way of giving them a controlled and accepted way of expressing their feeling and emotions.Children for example may express their feelings of anger by pounding,squeezing clay ,they may express their disappointment through hammering e.t.c .children will be able to ,awaken their creative talents,develop co-operation and control of their small muscles ,develop eye hand co-ordination ,develop their observation skills ,gain experience in handling different materials and relate to their daily life ,relax and enjoy themselves.


This is one of the topics learnt in 3rd grade syllabus “Measurement” a sub-topic “mass”.
Despite the fact that Mathematics is a theoretical subject it is also a practical subject. This is a topic that enables learners to recognize, identify and use kilogram as a unit of measuring mass.

Practical lesson in Mathematics ensures the pupils as they grow up to face the out side world after school have gained skills that will help them be productive members of the society.

The beam balance assists them to understand the logic behind which is heavier than, lighter than or same mass as the other using 1 kg.
Apart from teaching class work we also teach these children the general knowledge they need to know as they grow up. This includes cleanliness, discipline and how to take care of themselves. This helps them because they come from different backgrounds e.g some are orphans left alone to care for themselves.

Friday, September 26, 2008

St. Lawrence University KSP Fall 2008 Semester Students at Red Rose

Today we hosted four students from St. Lawrence University as part of their Kenya Semester Program Urban Studies Component. The students, Clare Jerome, Jessica Ziegler, Jane Connolly and Drew Pynchon chose to come and do their community work at Red Rose and we are very happy to host them. They spent their time interacting with the Red Rose children outside the classroom and teaching in some classes. Clare Jerome will be spending two more weeks at Red Rose and the children are so happy they can not wait for her to start. We always encourage people who are in Nairobi to visit the school and share their time with the children at Red Rose. We are very grateful for the visit and we are looking forward to hosting more visitors. ASANTE SANA and KARIBU to RED ROSE!!! Below are some pictures

For more pictures click here to see our picasa album.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Red-rose is a beehive of activities. From the babies' dandiest things to more serious work by the upper classes. This is class two, all set to take you to an imaginary visit through Kenya's rich natural heritage. This is depicted in the choice of art work in class, they always choose to draw wild animals, no doubt they love it.
Besides general knowledge, we instill good values in them. come meet them and see for yourself. Though they come from different walks of life, you won't notice their differences because here, they are children of the same mother,"Children of Kibera Foundation"
They are intrigued with the many play materials provided by different groups that visit our school but they are limited by lack of a playground. meet class two with their teacher Rose!!

Creative Activities.

They are medium of communication through which children express themselves.
manipulative activities is one of the medium of express because it involves the use of fingers and hands.
Modelling is the art of shaping an images from various soft materials.
Through modelling children should be able to:-
A waken their talents.
Develop co-operation and control of their small muscles.
Develop eye-hand co-ordination.
Develop their imagination.
Develop their observation skills.
Gain self confidence ,independence and self reliance.
Relax and enjoy themselves.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Mrs Emmily Mudavadi, a teacher at Red Rose Children's Centre in Kibera teaches her pre-unit (kindergarten class) pupils how to play music the recorders. The recorders were delivered this summer by Children of Kibera Foundation board members who visited Red Rose, as a donation from the Potomac School in McLean, Va. Thank you!


Hello friends of Red Rose Class Four,
how are you in America?

In these photos, Teacher Charles is conducting a mathematics lesson with his pupils on the topic of time. I am working hard to assist those learners who are experiencing difficulties in Mathematics and English. To conclude, here is an artistic piece by one of the class four pupils called Diana. The artwork reflects scenes from the coastal part of Kenya, showing the kind of shelter in which the people live and the type of crops that are found there.
Thanks a lot. Goodbye, Tr. Charles (and the Class Four Pupils)

Monday, September 8, 2008


Would YOU like to talk to these students?
These computers are connected to the internet. These students need help to pay for food and books, and they would love to talk on email with their supporters abroad. Would your class or youth group be interested in forming a support group for them, raising money to help fund their lunches and textbooks, and creating an email link with them? Get in touch with us for more details. or