Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This Tuesday afternoon students here at Red Rose were very enthusiastic as they got the opportunity to take part in their favorite kid’s show, Sunrise Avenue that is aired on KBC (Kenya broadcasting co-operation) at 9:30AM every Saturday morning. In this show, kids showcase their different skills, talents and abilities.
The KBC crew was kind enough to give the children in Red Rose the opportunity to flaunt their various gifts and talents on TV and have lots of while doing it! This enables children to take a break off books for a while and unwind. Other than that, it also works on confidence building and discovering talent.
The day was full of laughter, dance and so much happiness. The Red Rose students presented poems, songs, stand up comedy, raps and they also had some intense discussions on different crucial topics such as Poverty, HIV and Corruption.
It was such an interesting day and all the students had a lot of fun. “Can not wait to see myself on TV!” Says Josephine, a class four student at Red Rose. This was an amazing day!

Friday, March 23, 2012


The children were ecstatic as their names were called out for the new socks! Quite a number of children had worn out socks.
Quality socks are quite costly and are a hard find. Most of the children's parents and guardians buy what they can afford which in most cases socks are made out of extremely light material, they are affordable but prone to wear out and tear very fast!
We would like to give thanks to Moses Wangondu, a firm supporter of children organizations; he was kind enough to make a generous donation to these children by getting them new socks! Great material and a nice fiery red. “They are very comfortable, am so happy about the new socks!” says Brian, one of the children in class five.
It is amazing when people go out of their way to make others happy. It makes a lasting and remarkable difference. We take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and organizations that have been there for us and supported us in any way, for the best interest of the children. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The Red Rose School commemorated the World Read Aloud Day March 7th with our partners around the world. We were delighted to have been hosted by several of our local radio and TV stations in Kibera; Pamoja fm, voice of Kibera and Kibera TV. The World Read Aloud day aims at promoting literacy and seeks to encourage more people all over the world to cultivate a culture of reading something Red Rose students are encouraged to already do. Students got to share this important message with the different neighboring schools; Olympic Primary School, Spurgeons Academy as well as wonderful friends abroad of the Red Rose School who were more than happy to join in and contribute towards this fantastic day and there after a reading to the power women group right here in the Kibera Community. We hope to have planted the seed and positively cultivate the culture of reading in both the old and the young.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Skyping with the Lowell School

We are always happy to have students come together and share their experiences from all parts of the world. On Wednesday afternoon, 29th February the class six and seven students here at the Red Rose had the pleasure of meeting Students in the same classes as them from the Lowell School in the US. This was such a wonderful experience for everybody to meet, know more about each other, share their different cultures and make new friends. It was a great end to an interesting school day for the Red Rose students

"I love meeting new people"

"I enjoy traveling to different places and meeting new people. For me, it's all about new experiences."

"I think everyone has a story to tell."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Red Rose Candidates, Parents and Faculty

Arrangements are still going on for the preparations of our 2012 class eight candidates. Students have a huge part to play in their own success when it comes to examinations. So as to ensure success for the same, their teachers and parents also have a role to play in encouraging the success of the students which was the point being made at the meeting held at the Red Rose School. An intense discussion proceeded where all parties vowed to work together towards success because in it will not be the candidates but also an achievement to all.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Visit By The St Lawrence University Students

It was such an amazing day; On the 24 of February the Red Rose School was graced by students from the St Lawrence University in the US. As usual, the students were perfect hosts. They engaged the visitors in various activities. They started the day with introductions and getting to know more about each other through some really interesting team building activities. The faculty was not left behind as they joined in the fun where later on in the day the St Lawrence students got to visit all the students in their class rooms and have the students share with them what they have been studying at school from the very young students in class four to the candidates sitting for their class eight examinations this year. We are always happy to see new faces and welcome new friends to our humble school.