Monday, July 16, 2012

Red Rose Soccer Clinic

This past Friday afternoon, Amani Komeja a dear friend and a huge soccer fanatic from Norway who was visiting Kenya for the summer had one on one time with all the soccer players here at Red Rose during their physical education time.The boys were very excited,as they were taught the basics: Dribbling, passing, shooting, taking penalties and team work. They could not get enough of all the fun, wanting more but time could not allow. This has indeed set a platform in the creating a strong under 14 boys school soccer team.

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July celebrations at Red Rose

There are many important things in the life of students. Learning, growing, loving, and exploring are all things that they take time for. Celebration is another thing that everyone should take time for. Celebration adds an excitement and a lot of fun to life and outside their normal routine. We all need things to look forward to. Celebrations give us the excitement. This past beautiful Wednesday morning was filled with so much anticipation as the Red Rose students could not wait to join their friends from America in the afternoon to celebrate their independence day. Classes ended at noon and Special food was prepared for their lunch in tribute of the day. The students enjoyed and share with their new friends who have been visiting for the past week. There after it was off to the playing ground where the day’s activities were to take place. The students were overjoyed; music, face painting all kinds of games; sack racing, relay racing, ring tossing and soccer. Playing the different games cause laughter and built an even tronger friendship. At the very end, singing both the Kenyan and American national anthems. Perhaps the best thing about the celebration on this day that was that it made the lives of the students here at Red Rose richer.