Friday, April 18, 2008

Children of Kibera Foundation High School Students Help out at Redrose

When the schools closed for holidays this term, Redrose got visitors who came to volunteer at the centre. They are High School students who are being sponsered by Children of Kibera Foundation, these students included Yasmin, Zainab, Toma & Lowry. They all got a chance to teach in each of the classes that they had been given to them. In this process they got a first had experince of what a teacher goes through.
Zainab got to reunion with her babyclass teacher, teacher Salome who now teaches the Babyclass at Redrose. Below are some of the pictures of the Girls at Redrose Childrens Centre.

All the girls out side Redrose from left second row is Toma, Yasmin, Zainab & Lowry.

Zainab marking Brians book in class four.

Lowry marking books in class one.
Toma marking books in the Pre-unit class.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This term exams report has been very good and below is some of the students results. Please keep on checking I will be posting more results of the children as the days go by.The picture of the student comes first then his/her report comes down just below the picture. Thank you.
BRIAN AMURAMUA: Has performed well in his class and achieved position one scoring 441 marks out of 500. This is a good average of 88.2%.

DIANA AKINYI: She has worked well although she reported back late because of the post-election violence. She achieved second position in her class with an average score of 83%. Diana is an asset to the school because of her great sense of responsibility.

QUINTER ATIENO: She has improved very much in her health and is working actively in the class. She attained position three with a mean score of 78.2%.

LAUREEN ATIENO: A greatly improved performance. Her average score of 74.2% is encouraging.

STEPHEN KEVA. He is new and has not settled down, but his work is promising. Average mark is 66%.

CYNTHIA ATIENO: She is a steady worker who has settled down well in the class. Her total average is 92.88% at position one in the class.

SPECIOZA AGOLLA: Anew girl in the school who is gradually gaining confidence in her class work. Her total mean score is 91.67% and she is the second best in her grade.

BRIAN MUGANZI: Attained position three in the end of term examination with a mean score of 91.5%. He has worked steadily and should stick to this positive effort.

FLORENCE AWINO: A new recruit to the class; she has shown great potential. Her average mark is 87.83%, placing her at position five in the class.

LAUREEN NYAMOITA: She has settled down well and should stick to this positive effort. Her average mark is 74.5% and this places her at position seven in the class.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The children and staff at Redrose are always happy to receive visitors. This time round we got a visitor introduced to us by Ken Okoth, His name is Kenli Okada from Philadelphia he was in Kenya has read alot about Redrose Children Centre through this blog and wanted to have a first hand feel of how the centre looks like, and how it is run. He was able to go round the school and also talk to the students in the classroom. The children were very happy to have Kenli Okada around and want more visitors to visit them when they get time " Visitors are always welcomed at Redrose" said the students. I was later able to take Kenli around Kibera Slums and see how life is in the slums. Below are some pictures of Kenli Okada during his visit.
To everybody out there who would like to visit Redrose Children Centre or even volunteer at the school you are most welcome to come and visit us.
P/S Some of the grade four students thought Kenli Okada was Kenyan from the sound of his name "Okada".