Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Education is so very important. I am of the strong opinion that children's education should be nurtured. A compassionate, creative, encouraging teacher can make all the difference in the education of a child.

Joyful learners

...An appreciating teacher

...And young achievers

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Red Rose students had an end of year party. It was really interesting and fun for the children and for the adults as well. They had a variety of presentations that were quite enjoyable and fun. The younger children in lower primary had a short skit about baby Jesus and Christmas in general. It was a lovely afternoon well spent with the children. Red The students get time to spend with their families and friends. We look forward to having them back next year full of renewed energy ready to work even harder in 2012.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The day started with a big bang at the Red Rose School. Despite the chilly weather, all the students were totally thrilled as the school year came to an end. It was now their chance to showcase their presentations in front of their parents and teachers. Parents were also very engrossed to see their children’s progress in school through out the year. Students were dressed their best and for the graduates, beautiful blue gowns to commemorate this joyous occasion, where they will now no longer be in pre unit but class one.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It is finally the end of the year and Red Rose is closing for the holidays. Exams are over and what a glorious year it has been! Looking back, Red Rose had a lot of wonderful events, the establishing of the debate club for classes 1-3, the many wonderful visitors that have graced us with their presence and the generous donations of books from well-wishers to aid our students in their studies.

Some of the students had the opportunity to meet Njugush (John Njuguna) a TV Presenter in Rauka (a gospel show) that airs on Citizen TV every Sunday morning from 6am - 1pm. The Kids love the show and were inspired by his visit. They assiduously listened to the advice Njuguna had to offer their young minds. “We all have to start from somewhere and let nobody make you feel like you are worth less” words of wisdom from the TV icon. Everybody is now looking forward to the December holidays. Students have already started making home made cards to their families, friends and sponsors. It really has been an awesome academic year!

Monday, November 14, 2011


The 11th day of November was a day like no other at The Red Rose Children Center. It was a day packed with emotions, filled with activities, laughters, stories, theater performances filled the air. We had visitors. Our beloved partner and supporter Pam Allyn came to visit us, not alone, but with an entourage of great men and women: Billy (Pam’s father), Rose (former LitWorld facilitator), Jim, Denise (Founder of Sharing to learn organization)-mobilized the students and reorganized the library in a manner that made the students feel that the library belonged to them for each one had the chance to sort and arrange the books by author and subject. Jeremy (works at the boys’ village in New York); he particularly had a special time with the boys club for he took them through a journey of self evaluation through putting down their thoughts on paper. Lois, a high school teacher running various girl clubs in Kisumu- a city in Western Kenya had the opportunity to share best practices with other girls club patrons present.
Although it was for a short time, the students took every opportunity to get to spend time with them. Pam brought them books that they read aloud, and would also enjoy in their various clubs: the LitWorld girls club and the Red Rose boys club, books like: The tales of Despereanx, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulan and many more. During this period the students also performed skits. One was about a princess who was in trouble and needed to be saved from a dragon. Fully adorned in colorful costumes brought by Pam, the students expressed their creativity on stage. Important lessons were also learnt. Lessons of teamwork, courage and good communication skills among others.
It is indeed a day to remember here at red rose.
“The acting was fun and a great opportunity to
improve and nurture my acting ambitions”
–Diana-Grade 7 student.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Alison Smith, a close friend to Pete and Carrie Atkin who were volunteers at Red Rose in June of this year came to work as volunteers for three months. It is her first time in Kibera. When she arrived she met all the Red Rose kids and will be with them for the next two days. She will work at the Children of Kibera Offices thereafter, for the rest of the week. The kids appreciate and love spending time with her.

Friday, October 14, 2011


On the 23rd of September, Red Rose was visited by a group of students from St Lawrence University, Jenna Gunnel and Kaley Kokomoor, who got to spend some quality time with the kids from classes 1 to 3. They got to participate in physical exercises and socialize with the students, after a long fruitful afternoon with the children they left at 2:00 pm and are greatly missed here at Red Rose.
Every child usually looks forward for the annul Nairobi International Trade Fair. 30th October was their chance to get to enjoy themselves, Red Rose kids got to enjoy themselves ,from face painting to the banana rides, from dancing with the clowns to eating ice cream the constant buzzing in their various classes could not go unnoticed as each kid tried to outdo the other with more juicy a story.
Today Teacher Sophie is introducing debate club to the students in lower primary and we here at Red Rose look forward to seeing our students grow and develop their communication skills also, build on their team work.
The 12th of October Red Rose got another special visitor from Canada, Todd a former teacher who got to visit the vicinity as well as meet the students at Red Rose and looks forward to working with us in the future to create programs to promote child education development.

Friday, September 23, 2011


On the 19/09/2011, Our 2011 Summer Volunteers from the USA brought Red Rose 7th grade pupils text books to provide them a “safe landing” next year as they will be preparing for the first ever KCPE at our centre. They got 15 books for each subject: Maths, Languages, Social Studies and Science, a few revision guides too. This number is very important for it ensures a 1:1 student –book ratio.
Thanks for upholding our belief in not just education, but quality education.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Visitors from U S Embassy

After two weeks of holiday tuition, pupils of Red rose middle school were told to come back for the goodies.On Saturday, 13th August 2011, the school was honoured to be visited by Victor Erlich, Sonja Warner, Calvina Page, Toni Foreman and Christopher Herre from the U S Embassy.
Poems, songs and dances performed by happy pupils filled the air and visitors felt at home. The pupils were excited when they were given some snacks by the visitors. They completed their visit by walking around Kibera with the pupils.
Quite a wonderful weekend it was!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Art work at Red Rose with Amanda Boone

It was a successful week at Red Rose School. The school was blessed to receive a visitor from Norwood School in the U.S. Mrs. Amanda Boone had a three day visit to our school. She managed to carry out art activities with different classes. She spent two days at the Red Rose "up school" where she engaged the grade one to three students in coloring, drawing, cutting and pasting.
On her third day,pupils from grade four to seven were not left behind. They were also engaged in wall painting on animals, flowers and flags. The pupils were so excited about the painting.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Motivation from a Soldier, Leader, Scholar, Author, Activist!

It was a wonderful day for our upper primary school pupils. Mr. Rye Barcott, the co-founder of Carolina for Kibera, visited Red Rose upper school where he had an ample time to talk with the pupils on several issues. He began by encouraging them to work hard in their studies since they are the leaders of tomorrow. Rye also advised the Red Rose students to catalyse positive change in their lives. This can include things like not involving themselves in activities like immorality and robbery. Lastly, he gave them a talk on alleviating poverty in slum. He added that being in slums does not mean that that is the end of life for them. Mr. Rye Barcott also donated one copy of his book, "It Happened on the Way to War" to our library. Knowing all the different roles that Rye has lived in his life as a soldier, scholar, leader, activist, and a published author was very motivating for our students.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We are together again

1st of July was a colourful day at Red Rose. We had the privilege of hosting volunteers from USA. They attended a welcoming ceremony at the school. The day was filled with poems, songs and dances performed by happy pupils from each class, as well as a speech from Mr. Ken, the Founder of Children of Kibera Foundation .The volunteers are spending three weeks in Kenya; helping out at Red Rose School, visiting other schools and projects in Kibera that serve vulnerable children. We wish them a nice time in Kenya.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Rose Opens for Term II 2011

After the long April holiday vacation, the Red Rose School opened its gates for this term’s academics. Everyone felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle this term’s educational demands for they had time to relax their bodies and minds for a period of three weeks. The Red Rose upper primary section was abuzz with the students sharing their vacation experiences, each eager to tell his/her story to fellow students. The teachers having completed to scheme for this term’s work are confident that it is going to be a fruitful term.

Oh, did I forget to mention! This week Anna Nadgrodkiewicz-Kens friend from their days at Georgetown University was at our organisation and spent some time with the students. She brought them candy from Poland and in turn she had the chance to learn how to count from 1-10 in Swahili! Share stories too!!
Let the term begin!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Finally, the beauty of football uniform in the upcoming Red Rose girls football team was experienced on the Friday 25Th of March, each team player received a soccer kit plus a pair of boots, the happiness in the girls’ hearts could not be hidden, as it brightened their faces and motivated them to like football even more. “We have been waiting for this moment for a long time, having the uniforms will enable us utilize our potential in extra curricular activity,” Diana-the captain stated cheerfully.They enjoyed the comfort of their new kits during a friendly football match that evening. All gratitude goes out to the donors who made it possible for the girls to have uniforms and more so, put smiles on the young girls’ faces.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

With Arms Wide Open

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I’ll show you everything
With arms wide open
Now everything has changed
I’ll show you love
I’ll show you everything

Pulling away from the Children Of Kibera, after a celebratory presentation by the school to our family, waving good-bye to our friends. Our driver, George, puts on one of the CD’s that Larry burned for him. Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open.” We all sit quietly listening, reflecting over the past 4 weeks here. Sobbing on the inside, but only letting a few tears sneak to the surface, I feel such gratefulness for this experience, for all we have been able to do, for all we have learned. One last look at this neighborhood that at first was so foreign, but now so familiar, with my arms wide open.

I will miss our drives to school and enlightening George to our music.

I will miss the bustle of the streets of Kibera during the morning rush.

I will miss the staff who greet us with smiles.

I will miss Jeff’s hospitality and generosity, welcoming us always.

I will miss the walk from the office to the school with all our “ha wa you” choruses to greet us.

I will miss that moment when I cried with Saidi’s Mom and Kelvin’s Mom over their sons who now feel like mine.

I will miss Saidi’s and Iris’s shyness that reminds me so much of Alexa and Dillon when they are around adults.

I will miss watching Alexa and Dillon’s passion for teaching and playing with the young children, especially the nursery, especially Katrina.

I will miss 10:30 recess when we can’t wait for the children to come out on break and play with us.

I will miss their excitement to see us and the joy we give them when we just hold their hand.

I will miss them lining up to play dahble dahble dees dees, dahble dahble dat dat (double double this this, double double that that) with me over and over again.

I will miss how easy it is to make these underprivileged children smile and how easily they touched my heart.

I was commonly asked before our journey which place was I most looking forward to. My answer was “believe it or not, Nairobi.” So far, this has been the hardest place to leave.

Post by Kim Weinberg

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The long awaited day for the young girls was here, on Sunday 6th February. Out of the ordinary routine of class work and writing skills, the young girls went for an outdoor activity which included swimming and swinging under the beautiful blue sky of YMCA grounds in Nairobi, city centre.The Major aim of the activity was to create a strong bond between them and to raise their self esteem through interacting and socialising with different people of different social background in the society, which was encouraging.They could not hide their gratitude as it was all shown in their bright faces and overwhelming smiles, for the majority, it was their first experience and a memorable event in their lives indeed!