Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrities in the Making

It was such a lovely morning, the air so fresh, the skies a marvelous blue and the children vibrant and bursting with excitement! Red Rose children had received an invitation to one of Kenya’s renowned greatest gospel radio station, Hope fm! Hope fm airs 'Treasure hunt'; a children show that runs every Saturday from 8am-10am and on this particular Saturday, few of the Red Rose Children had the privilege to be on the show and they were extremely ecstatic about this grand opportunity!! The children were ushered into the studios by Uncle Sam, the 'treasure hunt' presenter who was more than happy to have them.
They served as very interesting guests who informed, educated, entertained, and inspired their listeners/audience. It was so much fun as the students did not just share scriptures but sang and danced as well. This was an amazing adventure from the beginning to the end and it was evident how talented the students are. They expressed themselves so honestly and openly, their words were full of hope and love, they were remarkable.
The students touched hundreds of listeners; the fun didn’t stop there as they also went to visit Mama Ngina children’s home for community service. The students have such beautiful hearts stepping out of their comfort zones, in the process gaining an understanding about each other and a sense of human compassion. "

Friday, May 18, 2012

Young First Aiders

This past Thursday afternoon the students were filled with anticipation as they waited for their guests to arrive. West ambulance services extended their generosity to the Red Rose School by donating 10 fully equipped first Aid Kits to the students who were super excited, not only for the kits, but also the opportunity to get basic first aid training. It is very important for students to know what to do when faced with a situation and need to help their collogues and friends ,this was a great experience for them as they had fun as well as learn a great deal about first aid. The Trainers were wonderful and the Red Rose students loved them and they appreciated everything they did to enlighten them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to school Red Rose

As the students begin their second term of school, their hearts are filled with such promise and hope for this new beginning. There was so much excitement as they hugged each other after the time apart and swapped stories about what happened over the holidays with utmost enthusiasm! They were also very happy to see their teachers once again. The students have come back refreshed, energized and ready to take on the new term! They are back, hard at work and are already sitting for their first examinations. The students are determined to work harder this term, they are confident and determined to achieve exemplary grades and significantly improve on their performance. We are all definitely looking forward to a great term; full of hope, hard work and great success! Wishing all the Red Rose students the very best