Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It had been a very long term, usually the longest of all the three terms of the year. The eager students could hardly wait for the final announcement as it was the last day of the term. They had just finished their mid- year exam, and the only thing in their minds was the anticipated fun, prolonged sleeps, watching movies , hanging out with friends and enjoy some time away from the normal school routine set-up. They reflected back on all the activities they had engaged and the good feelings these moments had brought. It could be summarized as a successful term for the Red Rose School. Some of the greatest moments of the term included the 2012 Summer Volunteers visit,the maiden triumph at the annual Children of Kibera Music Festival where they came first in the choral verse primary schools category. Other moments included the visit to the Seven Falls in Thika, and a soccer match between them and a neighboring school KAG Olympic Primary School which they lost. As the pupils are waiting for a more exciting third and final term of the year, we are hopeful it will be of great success as we are also ushering the first lot to participate in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Grand Day Out for Red Rose Students

On this sunlit Friday morning, students were beyond themselves and very enthusiastic about the trip as they marched to the bus to start their journey to the Fourteen Falls in Thika - a local recreational site, North East of Nairobi. On arriving the students could not wait playing all sorts of games; hide and seek, boat riding. They then ate “Pilau” their favorite dish, rice cooked in a seasoned broth with meat or vegetables. They also got the opportunity to bond with their teachers which showed the reflection of a winning team. The most memorable bit of it all was the swimming, “I had so much fun swimming in the river, I had never done it before” one of the girls commented. It was definitely a laid back day as the students got to relax before they started their end of term exams .It was so refreshing to see the students laugh unreservedly as they enjoyed themselves.
We all cannot wait for the next school trip! It provided Red Rose students with experience outside their everyday activities which was just fantastic!