Monday, June 25, 2007

Adventure and Community Service at Red Rose School in Kibera.

Hallo Friends and Families

Below are a few photos that were taken when the Potomac crew was in Nairobi for a week in June before heading out to Samburu. The crew walking down on "Karanja Road Kibera," the neighborhood where Ken Okoth grew up!
Cate and Caitlin at the internet cafe run by Ken and his brothers on Karanja Road in Kibera
Merrell, John and Hilary in Mama Ken's living room.
Michelle, Caitlin, Chris and Merrell before they left Red Rose for the safari.
Dominique, Hil, Kat and Allison on the last day at Red Rose before they left for the safari.
Elizabeth presenting a gift to thank Chris on Thursday at Red Rose
Allison and Keegan at Mamba Village during the educational tour and field trip on Wednesday .

Ken Okoth got a chance to touch LEMPAUTE, one of the elephants at the Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphanage that his advisory group at Potomac adopted.
Brian Amuramwa also got the chance to hold the trunk of LEMPAUTE, the naughty baby elephant at the Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphanage

More Red Rose children got the chance to touch LEMPAUTE too.

Merrrell and Mitchell at the entrance of Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphanage
Cate and Caitlin having a great time in Kenya.
Hilary relaxing a bit at the Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphanage.
One of the tortoises at the Giraffe Center.
Caitlin and Dominique at the Giraffe Center.
You can see in Dominiques eyes how happy she looks when feeding the giraffes at the Giraffe Center. "It comes once in a life-time," she says.
"Here its all about being scared and happy to be feeding the giraffes," thats what Cate said.
Caitlin just about to do what many of us were scared to do ... "KISS THE GIRAFFE"
There you go a big kiss from Caitlin.
Nixon and other Red Rose children feeding the giraffes.
Merrell and Derrick, "The First Potomac Scholar." Derrick's education will be sponsored by a gift from the lower school children and families at the Potomac School in McLean, VA. thats how they call him now.
One of the Rothschild giraffe's at the Giraffe Center.
Allison busy in class with the class two kids.
Caitlin and Vinand having a great time in the new 'Potomac Classroom.'
Michelle receiving a surprise letter from the class two kids, which they told her to share with the kids at Potomac.

Michelle looking more surprised as Allison and Kat look on.
Chris and Bradley outside Red Rose.
Matt receiving one of the many gifts from Virginia Mboga.
Michelle teaching in class three.
Michelle all happy to see the new 'Potomac classroom' "Asante sana!!" THANK YOU to the lower school children at Potomac for the financial help that paid to build this new classroom.
Allison and Teacher Musau on the first day at Red Rose, she was being shown around.
Teacher Emily showing Teacher Michelle her classroom.
Teacher Rose and Merrell in the class two room at Red Rose. The Potomac Crew painted the inside and outside of teacher Rose's classroom during their days on site for community service. This is how the inside of the classroom looked like before the Potomac crew came to paint it and improve it.
Catilin signing the visitors book at Red Rose.

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Omar said...

Awesome pictures! Some - of places that I have been to. I am happy for the children of Redrose for having such wonderful moments!