Thursday, January 3, 2008

Strife in Kenya - January 2008 Update

Dear Friends -
So far, it has not been a happy new year in Kibera. The communities surrounding the Red Rose School and where many of our children, their guardians, and families live have been the epicentre of some of the worst violence currently rocking Kenya.

For an update on the situation in Kibera and at Red Rose, please listen to this interview we had on NPR on January 3rd. The story also has a link to a blog entry and a haunting gallery of photos by children in Kibera.

We also were on the WUSA New Channel 9 TV Station Thursday night. It's a good report you can read and watch the video clip on the top right hand side of the page.

The Children of Kibera Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Washington DC which has taken on Red Rose as its main project. If you would like to join our efforts to continue helping the Red Rose School or other children in Kibera, please do not hesitate to contact us by email -- childrenofkibera [AT] . Contributions to support our efforts can be sent by check to
"Children of Kibera Foundation"
4701 Alton Place, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Since 2006, many friends of Red Rose have taken care of 90 orphans and vulnerable children in Kibera. Your generosity and support has been transformative for the children and their teachers. Although the violence destroys the community today, we can support the next phase of healing, reconciliation, and rebuilding in Kibera. We know we are going to be called upon to once again step up in love and charity, to give of our time, skills, and resources to spread awareness about the beautiful children of Kibera. We need all your support in order to take care of as many of Kibera's children as we can by providing them a school environment where they can learn, eat, sing, play, make art, dance, make friends, dream big dreams, and simply be kids like kids anywhere else in the world. Even the simplest of gifts will help us to make an extraordinary difference -- click here to see a fact sheet about the impact donations of all sizes can make in Kibera.

Pray for peace in Kenya. Keep the children of Kibera in your thoughts, and please join us in helping take action to improve their lives.

Ken Okoth

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Omar said...

I do pray for peace in Kenya. And do too, hope that peace will be restored in Kibera.