Monday, September 29, 2008


This is one of the topics learnt in 3rd grade syllabus “Measurement” a sub-topic “mass”.
Despite the fact that Mathematics is a theoretical subject it is also a practical subject. This is a topic that enables learners to recognize, identify and use kilogram as a unit of measuring mass.

Practical lesson in Mathematics ensures the pupils as they grow up to face the out side world after school have gained skills that will help them be productive members of the society.

The beam balance assists them to understand the logic behind which is heavier than, lighter than or same mass as the other using 1 kg.
Apart from teaching class work we also teach these children the general knowledge they need to know as they grow up. This includes cleanliness, discipline and how to take care of themselves. This helps them because they come from different backgrounds e.g some are orphans left alone to care for themselves.

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