Thursday, February 12, 2009

Red Rose The Perennial Challenges

We shall ever remain grateful to Mr. Ken Okoth together with his fellow Board Members of the Children of Kibera Foundation for the sustained sponsorship of the 50 orphans and vulnerable children at Red Rose, as well as the provision of complete school uniforms, modern information technological as well as communication network. A lot of changes have been realized at Red Rose and we are becoming an envy of many of our neighbouring education centres.
However, one major challenge which we face is the lack of ground space to expand yet our pupils population is increasing rapidly. with 131 children, the centre is experiencing congestion. The long term response to our perennial challenge is to relocate to a large space within the locality. Spaces are available but the costs are prohibitive ranging from $55,000 dollars to $80,000 dollars. However if we join our efforts as friends of Red Rose Children Centre and support the Board members of the Children of Kibera Foundation who are spearheading this noble course wherever you are in the diaspora Kibera needs your support, Red Rose needs your contribution assist in giving hope and a bright future to our vulnerable children.

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