Friday, March 20, 2009

Teacher Emmily of Red Rose Coming to the USA

Ms. Emmily Minayo, nursery classroom teacher at Red Rose left Kenya on Thursday March 19th 2009 on a history making visit to the USA. She will be in the USA until April 12th on a teacher exchange visit between the Potomac School of McLean Virginia and Red Rose School in Kibera, Nairobi. The trip is sponsored by the Children of Kibera Foundation to reciprocate a visit in July 2008 by Ms. Cindy Cheadle, a second grade teacher at Potomac who was at Red Rose for two weeks. 

While in the USA, Ms. Minnayo will get a chance to go on a road trip for a week in the NorthEast, visiting Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachussetts, Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont, Pennsylvannia, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Ms. Minayo will have a chance to connect with organizations and schools that support children and teacher at the  Red Rose School. In NY, she will visit LitWorld and LitWorld partner schools in Ardsley, Hastings, Bronxville, and Brooklyn. She will also visit St. Lawrence University and the Unitarian Universalist Church Sunday School in Canton. 

In her second and third weeks in the USA, she will be based at the Potomac School, shadowing different teachers, meeting with learning specialists, librarians, students, and parents. She will observe classes and make presentations to different groups. 

In Washington, Ms. Minayo will have a chance to visit major sites like the White House, the House of Congress on Capitol Hill, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Smithsonian Museums. She will speak at a reception and benefit event for the Children of Kibera Foundation on Saturday April 4th. Please contact Ken Okoth for more information.

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