Thursday, May 7, 2009

World Bank Friends visit Red Rose at start of Term Two

Marjorie Lehrman, a long-time supporter of Red Rose from Washington DC brought her friend Jill, a former colleague at the World Bank to visit the Red Rose School today. During their visit, Marjie and Jill quickly made friends with all the children by bringing in special squash drink and cookies for an impromptu schoolwide party! This was a fun way to reopen the school since the children have just returned to school this week for the beginning of the second term of the school year that runs from May to end of July.

Marjie and Jill also had conversations with the staff at Red Rose to learn more about the school's programs and goals for growth in the future. Marjie, whose brother Robert Lehrman is a board member of the Children of Kibera Foundation, delivered specially wrapped pencils and pens from her niece Sydney. The children of the fourth and fifth grade at Red Rose will start a penpal relationship with Sydney by email.

Thank you Marjie and Jill for cheering everybody up with your visit. Please come again! Asante sana na karibu tena!

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