Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kenya 2009 Service, Learning, Adventure

The role of what to do has been proven not to be inborn. This is how Red Rose, a school in Kibera may just be in position to explain how meaningful exchange of teaching skills profits. From Brian to Steve (41), to Sarah and all, teachers could not but sit back and be shown how “it works in America.”

The visitors stormed the learning cubicles in maze and style. At first I thought it would be difficult to entrust all the lessons to them, I speculated wrong. From Mathematics to English to Social Studies and Religious Education, no subject was left unattended.

I am in class with teacher Steve. I am explaining to students the elements of population. I hit rocks as students ask about world census and info on some countries. The lesson ends with meager satisfaction. Teacher Steve approaches me with a better approach, letting the net do the work for me. He directs me to websites that I could download info anytime on any country’s population and related topics thereof. We also agree on showing the students how to goggle for the same and make use of blog to speak their mind. We make it practical by sending them to the computer lab. Eureka! I feel like we moved a mountain a yard. As the old adage cries, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, students at Red-Rose school had opportunity to learn and practice new games. Some were mind-boggling yet others rib-crackers.

The visitors brought gifts that were distributed to kids. Clothes, shoes, stationery and so on. Each and every child received something to cheer their heart. There was also a trip to Shedric, Giraffe centre and Mamba Village for picnic and games.What better word to summarize than it works. From teachers to totos, everyone was all smiles and near tears as the visitors left. Kudos to Ken, the team and everyone involved. Thanks too to the Wright Brothers. If only we didn’t have planes. Thank you very much for sharing your time with us!!

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Text by Tr. George (Math teacher Grade 4 & 5)

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