Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Rose Children Happy to be in School

Being the 3rd week of the term, the children of Red Rose School are happy to be in school. They all like the school environment and like all meals brought before them.

“Its delicious”, one of the pre-Unit children like’s mentioning this whenever she taste’s her lunch time meal. She takes her time to enjoy every bite of the food she eats.

Red Rose Children have no serious problems when it comes to class work since they all know that the school is the best place for them.

“We get what we want here”. One child quoted this when he was playing with his friends. He meant they were provided by the basic needs of a child.

After school, most of them don’t like going back home. They reluctantly go home at different times. Most of them complain of too much work at home since most parents/ guardians are still out in search of their dinner and so they are assigned some duties i.e. fetch for water, clean utensils and wash clothes. These duties are too much for these children, the age of the Red Rose Children at present (2yrs – 12yrs), this is why they have never liked going back to their homes.

I highly thank the Children of Kibera Foundation and Red Rose friends who have turned Red Rose School into a small heaven for these needy children.

Thank you so much for your great support. You are their heroes!

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