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It’s a means of communication where people express their desires, ideas, excitements and disappointments. By using language, children are able to talk to each other and discuss their interest and surrounding. By doing so they develop their vocabulary. Children should be given opportunities to express themselves to enable them practice what they have learnt through stories, poems, songs etc.

Language also is an important tool for thinking. It helps children develop ideas and concepts (e.g.) when children are doing an activity, they talk about it and these helps them improve and express their thoughts.

Objectives (Why we learn language)

  1. Develop children’s vocabulary.
  2. Children are able to express themselves freely and confidently.
  3. They speak fluently and clearly.
  4. Improves their listening ability, concentration, understanding and memory.
  5. It enables children to look at and interpret details in objects, pictures, symbols and signs.
  6. Develop eye-hand co-ordination.
  7. Use basic tools for writing and drawing.
  8. Develop interest in books.
  9. Children are able to reason and think logically.

Role of language

By use of language children interact with those in the environment around. Through this interaction, a lot of learning occurs. Therefore language is an important tool for learning.

Children also learn to speak or as a result of leaving in an environment where speech is past of every bodies life. It is important to realize that in pre-school, children acquire and develop very important skills in language (i.e.) Oral and writing skills

Examples of Oral skills

  1. Poems and rhymes.
  2. Stories.
  3. Riddles.

Examples of writing skills

  1. Scribbling.
  2. Doodling.
  3. Tracing.
  4. Writing patterns, sounds and alphabets.

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