Monday, January 25, 2010

New Red Rose Middle School

Red Rose School was founded as a pre-school institution. Over the years, the school expanded with new classes being added. In 2005 we built the first grade class and since then a new class has been formed every year. This year we have grown to have sixth grade at Red Rose. Due to the increase in number of students attending Red Rose (more than 140 children in January 2010), the school compound has become smaller forcing the Children of Kibera Foundation to step in and find a place to expand the school.

The help of Children of Kibera Foundation is very good news to us because they have rented a place for our fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade pupils to learn with less congestion. We hope to add more classes in future at the new school site so all of our middle school level classes from fourth to eight grade will be based at the same location.

The new building will also house the Children of Kibera Foundation office, allowing for closer day to day collaboration with the the school. Thank you very much Children of Kibera Foundation for helping us and all the people supporting this important work.

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