Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red Rose opens for Term II 2010

It is the first week of 2nd term in this year’s calendar. Most of the pupils have reported back to school from Easter holidays. As a Red-rose community, we are happy because all our pupils have reported to school in good health. Learning has begun as usual in all the classes and the teachers very busy preparing the learning from day to day activities.

Though the term has begun smoothly, the July winter has begun in a high note. The weather is quiet cold in such a way that all the pupils must be wearing sweaters so hat they do not shiver from the cold. During the early morning, there is always some drizzling which makes the compound muddy.

Red-rose has also formed some clubs whereby the children are taught on various life skills. One of the club is Health Club led by Teacher Christine whereby the children are taught in various matters concerning hygiene and how the to take care of themselves. Another club is Lit World Girls Club led by Teacher Rose.

We are also glad because we received a new teacher by the name Teacher Linah who will be assisting Teacher Musau in handling the children in Nursery class. Our standard four is also underway and it’s about to be completed. The construction of the new school toilets is over and we really appreciate the Children of Kibera Organization sponsors at large because this has minimized movement among our pupils and it has minimized time wastage in between the lessons.
Photos to come.

By Tr. Charles Omondi.

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