Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Pet By Calvin Mutira

We are in the second term of the year. We are progressing well with our academics in Red-rose; since we opened the pupils have been learning well the syllabus. It has come a time to determine what they have covered if they understood, we conducted mid-term exams this week in the month of June from date 15th to 17th June 2010.

Here is one of the composition/ essay written by a 4th grade pupil called Calvin about My Pet. It was among the exams they did for mid-term. Have a pleasure to read it.

MY PET By: Calvin Mutira

My pets are two puppies. They are both brother and sister, the male is brown and the female is black they are both four and a half year old. They like eating junk food. They were born on 8/5/10 they like barking very much especially when they see strangers they always dig the ground and make potholes, they share one kennel.

They are not afraid of water like other dogs, they are trained, and they understand Kiswahili they come very faster.

The male one is called Deco and the female one is called Dico. When they smell food they run very fast in the house and start disturbing when it is time to wash them stay calm. They like drinking milk, when they see us they quickly run and jump on us they also stay calm when being treated, they don’t disturb the veterinary they are always treated on every second May every year. They sometimes kill our neighbor’s cats. Every day at seven o’clock they go back to the kennel and start sleeping. They like breaking their plates and tear paper. They haven’t start shedding teeth.

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