Friday, July 29, 2011

Motivation from a Soldier, Leader, Scholar, Author, Activist!

It was a wonderful day for our upper primary school pupils. Mr. Rye Barcott, the co-founder of Carolina for Kibera, visited Red Rose upper school where he had an ample time to talk with the pupils on several issues. He began by encouraging them to work hard in their studies since they are the leaders of tomorrow. Rye also advised the Red Rose students to catalyse positive change in their lives. This can include things like not involving themselves in activities like immorality and robbery. Lastly, he gave them a talk on alleviating poverty in slum. He added that being in slums does not mean that that is the end of life for them. Mr. Rye Barcott also donated one copy of his book, "It Happened on the Way to War" to our library. Knowing all the different roles that Rye has lived in his life as a soldier, scholar, leader, activist, and a published author was very motivating for our students.

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