Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This Tuesday afternoon students here at Red Rose were very enthusiastic as they got the opportunity to take part in their favorite kid’s show, Sunrise Avenue that is aired on KBC (Kenya broadcasting co-operation) at 9:30AM every Saturday morning. In this show, kids showcase their different skills, talents and abilities.
The KBC crew was kind enough to give the children in Red Rose the opportunity to flaunt their various gifts and talents on TV and have lots of while doing it! This enables children to take a break off books for a while and unwind. Other than that, it also works on confidence building and discovering talent.
The day was full of laughter, dance and so much happiness. The Red Rose students presented poems, songs, stand up comedy, raps and they also had some intense discussions on different crucial topics such as Poverty, HIV and Corruption.
It was such an interesting day and all the students had a lot of fun. “Can not wait to see myself on TV!” Says Josephine, a class four student at Red Rose. This was an amazing day!

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