Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Ripple Effect of Giving

Everybody in the world wishes for something, but for most children, education is not only a wish but a great need too. Children dream and yearn for a big, bright future and most of them are aware that to accomplish this they have to work extra hard in school and score exemplary grades! The generous gestures, thoughtful deeds, however small, that are done to encourage these children so as to keep them dreaming and working hard, should never go unnoticed. At Red Rose, we had one such beautiful moment. Parklands Baptist Church in Westlands is a church that is dedicated to showing love and support mostly through giving so as to ensure growth in the local and even global society! Thanks to Pastor Ambrose and Pastor Susan, the church was able to donate a highly generous amount that was used to get uniforms and shoes for our Red Rose children. Over a hundred children were able to get brand new sweaters, fifty children were able to get new shoes and quite a number got new school shirts and dresses. It was a fun filled day full of excited chatter and great laughter as the children instantly tried on their new uniforms and shoes. No doubt, the children were deeply grateful. It was an incredible experience, thank you so much Parklands Baptist!
generosity toward the future lies in giving to the present.

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