Thursday, April 25, 2013


After three months of school; running to classes, working on assignments and homework the RedRose students can finally take a breather!
It has been an exciting term given that the students were getting into new grades meaning new classrooms, friends, class teachers not to mention new lessons and activities. This term,we also had the one week school break so as to hold the general elections which were peaceful and did not interfere with the school schedule, it has indeed been a smooth term.

The RedRose students are a happy bunch as they prepare for the holidays. “My family is planning to travel to the country side to visit my grandparents. My grandfather promised that this holiday, I could join him in the mornings when he goes fishing. I have never gone fishing before but I plan to catch really large fish!”- Says Emmanuel, a sixth grader at the RedRose School.

Time has gone by so fast and when the students open, they shall begin their second term and at this speed, it looks like they shall move on to the next grade before we know it.

Happy April holidays!

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