Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Photos - January and February 2007

All these children are full or partial orphans receiving sponsorships to support their education at the Red Rose School. The photos were taken in January and February 2007. They are all growing very fast compared to when I last saw many of them in August 2006.

Kindergarten student Vinand Joachim, sponsored by Kathy Olesko and Wayne Davis of Springfield, VA.
Virginia Mboga, newly enrolled in the baby-class this year. Virginia lives with her ailing mother in the Makina Sokoni slum neighborhood of Kibera. Virginia's father passed away in 2004.
Connie Scharf of Beverly Hills, CA and the Donawa Family of Fort Washington, MD are sponsoring Virginia's education at Red Rose.First grader Samuel Mbithi lives with his mother in Kianda slums neighborhood of Kibera. Samuel’s father passed away in 2001, and the mom earns her living as a vegetables hawker in Kianda. His sponsors are the Davies family (Barrington, RI), Herb and Marianne Eleuterio (Wilmington, DE), plus David, Jessi and Nora Bradford (Potsdam, NY).
Kindergartner Rhoda Adhiambo lives with the father on Karanja Road in Kibera. Rhoda's father is a semi-skilled electrician who assists the school in electrical repairs. Her mother died in 2001. Rhoda’s education is sponsored by Jackie and Mark Grazette (Upper Marlboro, MD) and the Donawas (Fort Washington, MD).
Second grader Sharon Khabere has no parents. She lives with her grandmother in Kibera's Gatwekera slums (scenes from the Constant Gardener were shot on location here). Sharon's poor grandmother needs help to get Sharon some clothes to wear every day besides the school uniform. She is a determined girl who really enjoys school and always has a smaile on her face. Tex and Pearl Harris from Scio, Oregon and the Donawas in Fort Washington, Maryland are sponsoring Sharon's education at Red Rose in 2007.
Sylvia Mepho began the baby class at Red Rose in January. She lives with a guardian in the Kianda slums neighborhood of Kibera, and her parents have never been traced. Marjorie Lehrman of Fairfax, VA decided to sponsor Sylvia's education at Red Rose as a special 70th birthday gift in honor of her own mother, Beverly K. Lehrman of Raleigh, NC.
Tolen Lusala began baby class at Red Rose in January. Both of her parents died in 2006 so her ailing grandmother is responsible for raising Tolen and her brother Bradley Okwemba who also attends Red Rose. They live at Makina slums in Kibera. John and Gail Nields of McLean, VA and the Davies family of Barrington, RI are sponsoring Tolen's education at Red Rose.

On the first day of the new school year in January, my brother Japheth stopped by Red Rose and took this group photo of some of the 32 children benefiting from the sponsorships made possible by the generous financial contributions of many Friends of Red Rose. Education is a powerful and priceless gift that will bring hope and affect the lives of these children in many positive ways.
Kimberley Asumo lives with her mother at Karanja Road in Kibera. She lost her father in 2005. Her teachers feel that Kimberley is a very promising student who loves learning. Her education at Red Rose is sponsored by a gift from Celia Nyamweru of Canton, NY to celebrate the birth of a daughter, Paloma Angelina Venn-Chew, to her colleague and friend, Martha Chew Sanchez also of Canton, NY.
Third grader Laureen Atieno lives with her aunt in Kibera's Kianda slums. Laureen's parents died in 2000. Laureen has a brother, Elvis, who attends the Red Rose school. Her education at Red Rose is sponsored by Betty Andretta (Silver Spring, MD), the Platt family (Washington, DC) and the Bradfords (Potsdam, NY).
First grader Mercy Ayuma lost both her parents in 2002. Mercy lives with her maternal aunt in Kibera's Kianda slum neighborhood. The Prowitt family of Arlington, Va and the Donawa family of Fort Washington, MD are sponsoring Mercy's education at Red Rose.

Quinter Atieno is a member of the new thrid grade class at Red Rose this year. Quinter lost her father in 2000. She stays with her mother who ekes out a living by selling vegetables at Kianda slums in Kibera. Quinter's education is sponsored through the generosity of Leila Putzel Atkin of Kailua, Hawaii and Patti W. Kelly of Washington, DC.
Kindergartner Elvis Onyango is a brother to Red Rose third grader Laureen Atieno. They live with their aunt at Kianda slums in Kibera, having lost both parents in 2000. Elvis' sponsors are James and Swan Towne of Burnt Hills, NY, Pete Atkin and Carrie McGraw of Brooklyn, NY, and Celia Nyamweru of Canton, NY.
Kindergartener Emmanuel Amiani's parents are not known. He lives with a guardian at Kibera's Makina slums. Brian, Esther, Samantha, and David Donawa of Fort Washington, MD are sponsoring Emmanuel's education at Red Rose this year.
Jacqueline Namatsi is in the second grade where her teachers report that her class performance is splendid. Jacqueline lives with her mother in the Kianda slum neighborhood of Kibera. Her sponsors are Marie-Helen Girard and Francis Musyoki of Montreal, Canada and the Donawa family of Fort Washington, MD.
Jael Amunga is in the baby class. Jael's parents died in 2005, so she and her brother James Swachi (who also attends Red Rose) now live with their aunt and grandmother at Olympic Estate in Kibera. Her sponsors are Gina and Jimmy Insana of Portsmouth, RI, Bonnie Tice and Matt Fagan of Alexandria, VA, and the Donawas of Fort Washington, MD.
James Swachi is in the baby class at Red Rose with his sister Jael Amunga. His education is sponsored by Peter Atkin and Carrie McGraw of Brooklyn NY, Sue Eleuterio of Highland, IN and Herb and Marianne Eleuterio of Wilmington, DE.
Second grader Cynthia Atieno lost her dad in 2002 and her mother is unknown. She lives with an aunt at Kianda slum in Kibera. Her aunt can not afford to buy her any clothes, so if anyone wants to send some new or gently used clothing items for Cynthia, I can arrange to take these to her when I go home this summer. Christie, Roger, and Hilary Platt of Washington DC are sponsoring Cynthia's education at Red Rose this year.Kindergartener Dhillons Musambi has no mother and lives with his father at Kianda slums in Kibera. The teachers report that Dhillons performs well in his school work. Dhillon's sponsors are Rose Mary and John Grant of Barrington, RI and the Donawas of Fort Washington, MD.
Third grader Diana Akinyi lives with her father who ekes out his living running errands at the shopping center near Kianda slums, Kibera. Diana lost her mother in 2003. The teachers report that Diana is a diligent pupil in class. Diana's sponsors are Kathy Olesko and Wayne Davis of Springfield, VA.
First grader Edwin Otieno lost both of his parents in 2003. He lives in the care of a guardian at Kianda slums in Kibera. Edwin's sponsors are Bonnie West of Canton, NY and Joshual Perlman of Washington, DC.
Elizabeth Akoth's sponsors are Louisa Cannell of Bethesda, MD and Maria Screti of Florence, Italy.
Angela Ajwang' is in the baby class. She lives with her mother and grandmother at Karanja Road in Kibera. Angela's sponsors are Madeleine and Giovanni Ambrosino of Florence, Italy and Ken and Monica Okoth of Washington, DC.
Boaz Bahati Juma is in the kindergarten class. The whereabouts of his parents remain unknown, and he is being raised by a guardian at Ayany Estate in Kibera. His sponsors are Brian, Esther, Samantha, and David Donawa of Fort Washington, MD and Sue Eleuterio of Highland, IN.
Bradley Okwemba is in the pre-kindergarten class. He and his sister Tolen Lusala live with their ailing grandmother at Makina slums in Kibera. Bradley's sponsors are Rose Mary and John Grant of Barrington, RI and Sue Eleuterio of Highland, IN.
Brian Amuramua is in the third grade at Red Rose. His parents died in 2003 and Brian now lives with his grandmother at Makina slums in Kibera. An anonymous benefactor from Hopewell, NJ and Salmon O. Aguko of Dallas, TX are sponsoring Brian's education this year.
Click here to see older photos of some of these children from last year (Summer 2006).


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