Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy New School Year at Red Rose!

The first term of the new school year at Red Rose began on January 8th 2007 with very happy news. Friends of Red Rose in the US, Canada, and Italy were successful in meeting and surpassing the fundraising challenge of $2,500 before December 31st! All of the 23 orphaned children at the school who needed financial scholarships to be able to begin classes in January were fully sponsored by the first day of school. Above is a group photo of some of the orphans at the school receiving an education this year through the generous sponsorship of Friends of Red Rose in the USA, Canada, and Italy listed on the right hand side of this website. This photo was taken on the first day of the new school year, and there will be more new photos added to the website soon or sent by mail to the individual sponsors.

In the last three months, the campaign to raise funds to support Red Rose has been successful in many different ways. Here is a quick update in numbers to inspire you and appreciate all our supporters. Any small gift goes a long way and makes a huge difference.

$ 4,585.00 -- Total amount of direct donations and pledges received
4 -- Number of gifts by donors in honor of other relatives or friends
17 -- Number of American states, Canadian provinces, and other countries represented in geographical diversity of our contributors
31-- Number of individual contributions
5 -- Number of donors who have recruited other donors to become new Friends of Red Rose
15 -- Number of donations upto $99
13 -- Number of donations between $100 and $199
1 -- Number of donations between $200 and $499
2 -- Number of donations between $500 and $999
1 -- Number of donations $1,000 and above
23 -- Orphaned children receiving an education sponsored by Friends of Red Rose

Words alone can not describe the sense of appreciation that your generosity and support means for these children and the school. Your contributions to the education of orphans and disadvantaged children at Red Rose will live on forever through the children as they grow up and blossom from this opportunity made possible by you.

Thank You. Asante Sana. Grazie. Merci.

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Barsawad said...

Beautiful photo! My heart goes out to those children. God bless you and the children of Kibera.