Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This term exams report has been very good and below is some of the students results. Please keep on checking I will be posting more results of the children as the days go by.The picture of the student comes first then his/her report comes down just below the picture. Thank you.
BRIAN AMURAMUA: Has performed well in his class and achieved position one scoring 441 marks out of 500. This is a good average of 88.2%.

DIANA AKINYI: She has worked well although she reported back late because of the post-election violence. She achieved second position in her class with an average score of 83%. Diana is an asset to the school because of her great sense of responsibility.

QUINTER ATIENO: She has improved very much in her health and is working actively in the class. She attained position three with a mean score of 78.2%.

LAUREEN ATIENO: A greatly improved performance. Her average score of 74.2% is encouraging.

STEPHEN KEVA. He is new and has not settled down, but his work is promising. Average mark is 66%.

CYNTHIA ATIENO: She is a steady worker who has settled down well in the class. Her total average is 92.88% at position one in the class.

SPECIOZA AGOLLA: Anew girl in the school who is gradually gaining confidence in her class work. Her total mean score is 91.67% and she is the second best in her grade.

BRIAN MUGANZI: Attained position three in the end of term examination with a mean score of 91.5%. He has worked steadily and should stick to this positive effort.

FLORENCE AWINO: A new recruit to the class; she has shown great potential. Her average mark is 87.83%, placing her at position five in the class.

LAUREEN NYAMOITA: She has settled down well and should stick to this positive effort. Her average mark is 74.5% and this places her at position seven in the class.

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