Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The children and staff at Redrose are always happy to receive visitors. This time round we got a visitor introduced to us by Ken Okoth, His name is Kenli Okada from Philadelphia he was in Kenya has read alot about Redrose Children Centre through this blog and wanted to have a first hand feel of how the centre looks like, and how it is run. He was able to go round the school and also talk to the students in the classroom. The children were very happy to have Kenli Okada around and want more visitors to visit them when they get time " Visitors are always welcomed at Redrose" said the students. I was later able to take Kenli around Kibera Slums and see how life is in the slums. Below are some pictures of Kenli Okada during his visit.
To everybody out there who would like to visit Redrose Children Centre or even volunteer at the school you are most welcome to come and visit us.
P/S Some of the grade four students thought Kenli Okada was Kenyan from the sound of his name "Okada".

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Kenli said...

I had a great time visiting and I hope to return again soon. Thank you for being so welcoming!