Monday, October 26, 2009


The week started with on set of rain. Rain is important to our daily lives. There is a lot of water which is also important to every creature. There isn’t a lot of dust which might cause some infections like running nose to our children because all the dust has been swept away by the rain.

Also due to more rain, the children were unable to play outside their classes. They were also advised to put on warm clothes all the time. Due to change of climate conditions, we taught the theme weather whereby we talked the sub-theme rain. It enables the children to understand the climate around them and also they become curious in nature. The process involves curiosity, discovery and experiment. We had experiments using water whereby we discussed things that float and sink in water.

The children were able to observe, communicate and record what happened. It was so enjoying when the children found out that a stone sinks in water while feathers floats in water.

This week we had a short break on Tuesday and all the students were required to stay at home and celebrate Kenyatta holiday.

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