Thursday, October 1, 2009

Surprise from England

This being the fourth week of our third term in school this year, we are lucky to have teacher Jenny from England. She is a teacher in a school known as Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries. She has been in our school, Red Rose Children’s Centre, from Monday to Thursday. She was received with a warm welcome from both the staff and the pupils.

According to her programme back in England, she said that she had planned to visit East Africa during her vacation. When she went to the internet, having chosen to visit Kenya, she found Children of kibera foundation. Through this she came to learn about Red Rose School.Teacher Jenny brought stationary, T-shirts, play items for both indoor and outdoor games and modeling dough to help the pupils in their learning. She has interacted with the pupils very much. Pupils have really found learning more interesting and enjoyable in her presence. This is because she could read, write, model, sing, play or attend computer lessons with the pupils.

Her views about our school she enjoyed her time very much. She counts the pupils very lucky to be in school. Especially that they are offered a difference by quality education with limited resources. The pupils are so happy and they do appreciate the education they receive. “They have so much energy and enthusiasm. I will miss them when I go back to England and hope to return one day to see their progress to finish the primary education”. She said.

All her efforts are appreciated so much because this is fantastic and amazing. Pupils have benefited a lot through her. They are very happy and thankful

Posting By Tr. Joyce (Grade Three)

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