Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Rose School Progressing Steadily

Students returned from a two day midterm break on March 3rd. Grades four, five and six were ushered back with continuous assessment tests to gear them towards the tough end of semester exams. Mr. Ken Okoth visited Red Rose on March 4th. He later toured the new Children of Kibera Foundation office and new Red Rose Middle School facilities, only a short walk away from the main school.

Above: Ken Okoth popping into Class six's new room and a surprised Laureen, happy to see him.

Grade six have been seen throughout the week practicing the art of book writing taught by Pam and the LitWorld trainers about a week ago. "It's exciting, I am proud of my work," said Stephen Keva while handing over his piece to Teacher Ben for perusal.

-Teacher George

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