Sunday, February 28, 2010

St. Lawrence Students Come for a Visit

All what was taught during the LitWeek is never a forgotten story. The pupils have continued reading and writing for practice and perfection.

Furthermore, students from St. Lawrence University joint the pupils this week and did more work with the pupils. The group of students are on the Kenya Semester Program (KSP). They study many different subjects, for example History, Biology, English, Psychology, Gender Studies, Politics, Economics, Art, and Environmental Conservation among other things.

St. Lawrence students were split up into different Red Rose classes to mingle with pupils and learn more from each other. For instance, in Class 3, we had PJ Miller who studies American History as a second year student. He did a great job of teaching the pupils.

The pupils have benefitted very much from the St. Lawrence students' visit. They found their teachings very interesting and it expanded their knowledge and skills in their day at school. The college students taught them about Geography, Food Production, Housing, Religion, and Culture in Kenya and America. The Red Rose School gives the St. Lawrence group a lot of credit for their great job with the students. In exchange, the group also appreciated the warm welcome of the Red Rose Children's Centre.

"Teacher PJ" took right off where Class 6's teacher left off and read the students a chapter from Charlotte's Web. Below: Students enjoy their visit to Red Rose.
by Teacher Joyce

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