Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It is finally the end of the year and Red Rose is closing for the holidays. Exams are over and what a glorious year it has been! Looking back, Red Rose had a lot of wonderful events, the establishing of the debate club for classes 1-3, the many wonderful visitors that have graced us with their presence and the generous donations of books from well-wishers to aid our students in their studies.

Some of the students had the opportunity to meet Njugush (John Njuguna) a TV Presenter in Rauka (a gospel show) that airs on Citizen TV every Sunday morning from 6am - 1pm. The Kids love the show and were inspired by his visit. They assiduously listened to the advice Njuguna had to offer their young minds. “We all have to start from somewhere and let nobody make you feel like you are worth less” words of wisdom from the TV icon. Everybody is now looking forward to the December holidays. Students have already started making home made cards to their families, friends and sponsors. It really has been an awesome academic year!

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