Monday, November 14, 2011


The 11th day of November was a day like no other at The Red Rose Children Center. It was a day packed with emotions, filled with activities, laughters, stories, theater performances filled the air. We had visitors. Our beloved partner and supporter Pam Allyn came to visit us, not alone, but with an entourage of great men and women: Billy (Pam’s father), Rose (former LitWorld facilitator), Jim, Denise (Founder of Sharing to learn organization)-mobilized the students and reorganized the library in a manner that made the students feel that the library belonged to them for each one had the chance to sort and arrange the books by author and subject. Jeremy (works at the boys’ village in New York); he particularly had a special time with the boys club for he took them through a journey of self evaluation through putting down their thoughts on paper. Lois, a high school teacher running various girl clubs in Kisumu- a city in Western Kenya had the opportunity to share best practices with other girls club patrons present.
Although it was for a short time, the students took every opportunity to get to spend time with them. Pam brought them books that they read aloud, and would also enjoy in their various clubs: the LitWorld girls club and the Red Rose boys club, books like: The tales of Despereanx, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulan and many more. During this period the students also performed skits. One was about a princess who was in trouble and needed to be saved from a dragon. Fully adorned in colorful costumes brought by Pam, the students expressed their creativity on stage. Important lessons were also learnt. Lessons of teamwork, courage and good communication skills among others.
It is indeed a day to remember here at red rose.
“The acting was fun and a great opportunity to
improve and nurture my acting ambitions”
–Diana-Grade 7 student.

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