Friday, November 9, 2012

End Year Exams at Red Rose School.

As the 2012 academic year comes to an end in two weeks time, the Red Rose students are now preparing for their end year examinations. This is a City Council administered exam done by all schools in Nairobi City. Among the subjects tested are: Mathematics, Kiswahili (language), English, Science and Social Studies. All these graded out of 500 marks. The exam is very significant as the results facilitate promotion to the next class come 2013.
The enthusiasm seen in the students show how ready and eager they are to continue on to the next part of their educational life. In particular, Class 7 students can't wait to join the final grade in primary education where they will sit K.C.P.E (national examinations) at the end of the year and subsequently be promoted to high school. This is very exciting.
December holidays after the exams is beckoning, everyone is thrilled and all have different activities planned with family and friends once they break for the holidays. 
 “ I am confident that I will pass my examinations and 
plan on working even harder when I join class 8 to attain 350 marks and above."
 -Specioza Agolla  7th grade student at Red Rose School. 
Success is the sum of small effort repeated over a period of time. The students are already a success for they have been working really hard.

Class 6 girls sharing knowledge 

Calvin and Elizabeth revising 

Abdul preparing for his Insha paper 

Good Luck to all Red Rose students!

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