Friday, January 18, 2013

The Little new faces at the RedRose School

 The school year has started off pretty smoothly at the RedRose School. All the students have gone one grade up and there is so much excitement in the air! The students recognize being in a new class as a personal achievement, they are now walking a little taller, they are getting more responsibilities and even feel a higher sense of self-importance. For them, it is growth and it makes school totally fulfilling.

There is also a little bunch of achievers that we have to recognize and appreciate as well; Dealan, Johnny, Immaculate, Martin, Sumaia and Bramwell who’ve made up the new baby class! When I walked into their class I couldn’t help but smile at the lovely sight. The little ones were so busy with pencils, crayons and construction paper getting down to business, their class teacher (Teacher Salome) was walking around as she continued giving them instructions of the lesson activity, I was amazed by just how keen and attentive they were at such a tender age! After the lesson activity came recess and they all went out, running around chasing each other and laughing so hard, obviously having such a great time.

Within no time, these little ones will not be so little anymore and will be in the eighth grade even before we know it!
We are so happy to have them join RedRose and look forward to see them all grown up!


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