Friday, January 11, 2013

Red Rose School Reopens for 2013 Academic Year.

Excitement filled the air as pupils at Red Rose School hugged each other and shared their adventurous fun filled holiday experiences. You could hear some discussing how they travelled upcountry to visit their relatives and others how they enjoyed the sumptuous meals prepared over the festive season. It seemed to be the best holiday ever for most of them.
The pupils are all fresh, re-energized and ready to work hard in this new academic year. As all of them are moving to a grade higher than last year, we believe that they will tackle and surmount the new challenges presented to them as they come.

“This term I promise to improve my grades especially
 in mathematics which has been a bit challenging” one of the pupil promised.

“The entire Red Rose staff is prepared to make the 
2013 academic year a successful one”- Teacher Sophia.

Welcome to 2013 academic year

We are happy to be back!

Let learning begin.

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