Monday, November 20, 2006

Good news: Sponsor found for Rehema Andia

Mr. Steve Goldberg and Dr. Jocelyn Glazier of Chapel Hill/Durham, North Carolina have chosen to sponsor 8-year old Rehema Andia at the Red Rose School.

Rehema Andia is now attending the first grade and making steady progress as a learner and a friend to her schoolmates. She was rescued by one of the teachers at the school, Ms. Penina Lukoro, six years ago after she was found abandoned in the slums of Kibera. Her parents are unknown. Children are precious in Kenya, but the poverty and desperation amongst the lowest classes in our society sometimes push the parents to such drastic and sad decisions as the abandonment of a lovely child.

Thankfully, there are always other people in the community who do their best to help in such cases, and we celebrate this kind of hope, generosity, and self-reliance as we go ahead. The support of sponsors such as the Goldbergs will go a long way in making Rehema's childhood, safe, promising, and special. This photo shows Rehema at age three.
If you would be interested in sponsoring a child at Red Rose, please CLICK HERE for more information about other orphans at the school who desperately need sponsors.

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