Thursday, November 23, 2006

Simple Gifts, Extraordinary Differences : Thank You!

In the spring of 2006, the Upper School Community Service Club at the Potomac School in McLean, VA held a fundraiser for the Red Rose School in Kibera. Potomac parents, teachers, and students donated baked goods while the fine arts department donated old student works from the ceramics classes in the upper school.

On the day of the spring choral concert, the baked goodies were sold to concert guests in the lobby of the performing arts center for a dollar a piece. Anybody who made a donation of more than five dollars was allowed to select a ceramic piece produced in the art classes by current and former Potomac students. By the end of the evening, Mr. Grant and his Community Service Club volunteers had collected $500 for the Red Rose School. At assembly the following week, student community service leader Zach Leonsis presented the check to history teacher Ken Okoth, who brought the donation to the Red Rose School over the summer. Above, is Mr. Okoth presenting the check from Potomac to Mr. Protase Buluma, principal and volunteer teacher of the Red Rose School.

Here is what a simple gift of US $500 means for the Red Rose School in Nairobi :

a) Rent and electric bills for three months for the school compound


b) Basic salary/stipend for three certified elementary school teachers for two months (80 dollars per month per teacher) and 20 dollars left for lunch and snacks for the 80 students for five school days


c) Tuition scholarships/sponsorships and writing supplies for six children for a year (tuition is US$ 75 per year, basic school supplies cost US$ 5 per year)

Thanks to all our friends for your simple gifts that make an extraordinary difference at Red Rose. The children, teachers, and guardians in the community served by Red Rose appreciate your support fully. Please click here if you would like more information about children at the Red Rose School who are in dire need for a sponsor to support their education and dreams.


Hugh Riddleberger said...

Congratulations, Ken. This shows that simple actions can make a lasting difference. Thank you and your students for their leadership. This year's symposium will be at the World Bank--February 23.

japheth said...

Hi Ken,
These are the name of the people in this picture 1st row left to right Stacy Wahinga,Vinand Joackim,Carristo Maangu,Diana Wanja and Emma Amondi.2nd row left to right Kenneth Okoth,Joyce Atonya,Peninah Hoka,Salome Banet,Annette Nalugala and acting Director Mr. Protase Buluma.