Monday, December 18, 2006

Traditions and Celebrations at Red Rose

Like their peers anywhere around the world, the children at Red Rose enjoy celebrations and ceremonies. The school tries to provide occasions for communal joy through traditions such as the annual graduation ceremony with all its accompanying pomp and pageantry. The photo above shows the proud graduates of the Kindergarten class in their graduation gowns on November 17, 2006. All these successful young learners will be starting first grade in January, regardless of their families' background, thanks to the generosity of our private sponsors whose financial support will help pay for the costs of educating 18 orphans at the school in 2007.
Another tradition at Red Rose is the communal birthday party, held two or three times a year to celebrate the birthdays of a group of students altogether. This is an occassion to get out recycled streamers, a few balloons, a special meal different from the regular lunch menu, plus lots of singing and dancing, all wrapped up at the end with the cutting and sharing of cake. For many of these kids who never would receive a birthday present or have an individual birthday party, the celebrations at Red Rose really make for an extended family experience and gives them the opportunity to feel truly special and loved. The message of the smiling faces and the thumbs up is unmistakable!

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Basawad said...

Wishing all the children of Red Rose and all you great people supporting this noble cause - HAPPY NEW YEAR!