Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kibera Slum Schools Educational Day

On Friday May 25th, the children from Red Rose joined their counterparts from more than 20 other independent schools in Kibera for a slum schools performance and educational showcase. These schools educate children not accommodated in the five government primary schools around Kibera, and are the sole avenue for any future upward social mobility and the path out of extreme poverty. In song, dance, public speaking, English and Mathematics tests, the children of Red Rose were ranked at the top of their peer schools. Congratulations to the children for their hard work and the excellence and commitment of their teachers.

Getting ready to board the hired bus for the trip to the venue of the Kibera independent slum schools education day.
Everyone enjoys the ride in the bus with friends and a good field trip!
Red Rose children arrive in style, arousing the curiosity of children from other schools at the educational day.
Parade to check in that everyone is there, followed by recitations of verses and songs. Posing for photos is fun too!
Getting ready for the next activity, group dancing!

Hello? Shake it, shake it, shake it!
Ok, let's sit and watch the other schools perform their songs and dances.

Ah, snack time! Soda and scones.
Fanta, Coke, Sprite, Stoney Tangawizi -- yummy soda, what a treat!
Back to school for a late lunch -- rice, potatoes, cabbage, and chick peas.
This lunch gets a thumbs up!
And our amazing teachers at the Kibera slum schools educational day.

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