Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Snack Time and Class Time -- May 2007 Photos

Here are some more pictures as a follow up to the last posting about the start of the second term at Red Rose. I hope our supporters around the world can spot the children they are sponsoring and see how well the are doing and how fast they grow. For the orphans and childrens from the most vulnerable conditions, the alternative to being at Red Rose and enjoying the opportunities to learn, make friends, and be in the care of loving adults every school day would be no school at all, probably living on the streets hungry, abused, and cold. Any time and effort I can spend advocating on behalf of these children feels like the most worthy thing I can do. I hope you also feel the same way too. The Red Rose School Menu for 2007 - Morning snacks and lunch. For many poor children in Kibera, the food at school is often the only predictable solid meal in their day. For parents and guardians, the knowledge that going to school guarantees the child healthy food keeps them motivated to invest in education and minimizing absenteeism. The happy expressions on the next couple of pictures below speak for themselves, wouldn't you say?
Children in the nursery class enjoying their porridge.

These nursery kids seem to be saying, "YUMMY!" Morning snack time is a highlight of the day, not to be missed. The children are served some hot porridge, whole-milk Kenyan chai, or hot chocolate because it gets really cold in high-altitude Nairobi in the middle of the night through the early morning hours when the school day begins at 8 am. By 11 am however, the sun is up and very bright. The classrooms with only corrugated iron sheet walls and roofs get really hot when the sun is directly above the head between 11.30 am and 3.30 pm on many days throughout the year.

In the pre-unit class, morning porridge is a hit too! The standard three children don't want to miss the fun either. They enjoy their porridge just as much as the younger classes!
Laureen and Sharon in standard three enjoying the morning break with a nice cup of porridge.
A standard one child puts pencil to paper, practising her spelling. "Raise your hand up if you know the answer!" Standard one class in active session with their teacher, Mrs. Peninah Hokah.
Ms. Peninah guides her standard one pupils through a reading lesson.
Sharing goodies at snack time in the baby class.
Snack time! The children drinking porridge and eating mandazi.
Four of the standard three children at their desks.
Two girls from the standard three class paying attention to their teacher.
The standard three teacher, Ms Christine Mukhwami.
Children in the baby class watch as their teacher, Ms. Salome grades their exercise books.

Ms. Salome Ababu in class with her attentive baby class children.
Standard two (2nd grade) students doing writing exercises in their classroom.
Pre-unit students in class with their teacher, Ms. Sophia Mukatia. Pre-unit class children drawing and coloring. The nursery children line up to get individual attention from the teacher.Nursery class in session.

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These delightful pictures speak more than words. Thank you for sharing them!