Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Second Term Begins after April Holidays

The teachers and children at Red Rose were off from school at the end of the first term which began in January and went through to the end of March. They came back to classes this past week after April holidays which I imagine everyone enjoyed, resting and playing. The financial support of our many contributors from all over the US, Canada, Kenya, and Europe is keeping the school on a strong footing, making sure rent, utilities, and teacher salaries are paid on time. The students continue to get great lessons in small classroom settings and are assured of two basic yet nutritious meals at the school every day. These six children to the left are the pioneer third grade class (Standard 3) at Red Rose, taking their lessons in a basic classroom with a really good teacher, all of which was made possible by our joint effort to raise $2,500 last Christmas and make this a reality in January. Thank you all for every small or big way you have supported the school this year, may those blessings come back to you a thousand-fold!

The second term goes from early May to end of July/beginning of August. In August, the school will close down again for a three-to-four week vacation. The third term begins in the first week of September and will last through the end of November, when everyone at the school will head off for the December holidays, ready to begin a new school year in January.
I will be leading a group of eleven volunteers from the Potomac School in McLean, Virginia to visit Red Rose for community service and to learn more about Kenya in mid-June through early July. We are collecting funds for uniform items for the children, other school supplies, and for things such as paint, timber, and nails which we will use in repainting the furniture and sprucing up the classrooms to make for a more pleasant learning environment. The pictures below were taken at the beginning of the second term. Our plan is to make sure by the end of our community service at the school in July, all these classrooms, desks, chairs etc will look much better than they do today. Click here for a PDF brochure with more information about our efforts for the summer.

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