Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Art and Creative Activities Lesson at Red Rose

I wish to take this opportunity to thank The George Town University for their connection with the Red Rose School in Kenya.

Red Rose School is one of the lucky schools in Kenya which has benefited From George Town University.

We’ve been great friends since last year, 2008. George and Margaret from the University came to Red Rose to make fun with the pre-unit class ( 5-6 yrs) in drawing and coloring.

I teacher Sofia , as the class teacher, was so much surprised to learn that through creative activities, children develop different ideas and talents. Each child’s drawing contained different information, and each one of them could talk about own drawing.

Thanks to Charles and Margaret for providing the knowledge and Art materials to the children for the activity during their visit.

May the relationship between George town University and Red Rose School live forever .

(Pictures to come soon)

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