Tuesday, August 4, 2009

St. lawrence professors of African studies at Red Rose School

This summer we were lucky to have St. Lawrence professors visit us. St. Lawrence has always been sending students to work at Red Rose School as part of their community project in Kenya. We have been very grateful for their support and the wonderful students they have sent to us. This time round we had the professors visit 15 of them were in hand to see the school and also to learn first had what their students experience being at Red Rose. They were lead by Dr. Wairimu Ndirangu who is the country Director of St. Lawrence. The presence of Ken Okoth made the visit even more wonderful because he is a former student at St. Lawrence and the reunion with the professors was great. The professors had the chance to visit all the classes, plus our computer lab which has laptops donated by St. Lawrence University, later we all went out for songs and dance it is here that after the dance we were presented by a donation of Kshs 60,000 through Children of Kibera Foundation to celebrate Celia Nyamweru and John Barthelme retiring as professors of African studies at St. Lawrence university. It was more song and dance after this we are very happy for the donation. Thank you very much the donation will go along way in helping to keep the students at Red Rose in School

The visiting professors outside a computer lab that has been set up by Children of Kibera.

Prof. Pat alder enjoying songs and dance with the students at Red Rose, together with visiting High School students from the USA.
The Cheque being presented to Children of Kibera Foundation on behalf of Red Rose on hand to receive the donation is Ken Okoth and Mr. Protase Buluma. Ken also presented T-shirts from Children of Kibera to the professors.

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